On knitting obsession

I thought i was obsessed…I usually knit until my fingers ache from the friction from the yarn, then i go and get some bandaid and keep going :shrug: … and finally stop when it just gets too difficult to see the stiches (takes hours). but now i appreciate the meaning of being REALLY obsessed…

World Knit
"The glowing LED tips allow you to knit at movies, while watching TV or under the stars. Simply twist the end to turn the light on or off."

Who here would go to the movies and knit?

a fun movie to watch about knitting being an obsession:

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I go to the movies and knit almost every weekend unless I have other plans. I would never take light up needles though… that feels like it would be rude to the other movie goers. Every so often I feel like there might be a problem with my knitting and i Pull out my cell phone and use the light from it as discreetly as possible. Constantly moving flashes of light, though, seems like it would be distracting to the other people in te theatre.

Knitting at the movies is about the only time I get real time to sit and do nothing but knit for any length of time.

How much of the movie do you see? Everytime i grab the needles, its a big brain-twister… i got to think where the needles going, how i hold everything, etc… but that’s maybe just me being beginner.

I’ve heard of people knitting on lectures, and was in awe, but in the movies where it’s dark as well… :notworthy:

eh… I don’t take anything that requires a lot of attention. I find that if i am doing cables or something like that it is harder for me to do because it is too dark. for the most part i take things that i can do without looking. simple hats and scarves and things.

i have gotten to the point that i can not go to a movie unless i have something in my bag that i can knit… i get panicky about it even…much like the idea of leaving home without my teddy bear! :wink: I have been known to plan new projects on a Friday night because I am going to the movies the next morning (or waking up and realizing that I can’t go to the first show because I can’t take my current project to the theatre since it is too complicated and I don’t have yarn wound yet for something else…lol)

Yes this is a very exciting life I am leading… I stay home friday nights to plan the projects for the movies the next day. :thud:

I do simple projects anywhere… in the car, the movies- just gotta pick something basic.

I think what often holds me back is that tape or bandaid for my finger run out. Anyone else have the same problem? I’m a continental knitter, and the yarn causes too much friction on my left forefinger.

Also, i try and knit on my 4 hr train ride to college every day (perfect for knit!) but i seem to move my elbows up and down, causing a bunch of nudging and budging on the people next to me :shrug: