? on first attempt at a sweater

I’m working on my first baby sweater and I’m stuck! I have completed the 2 sleeves (both on holders), and the body of the sweater, from the bottom up to where I’m supposed to attach the sleeves. Pattern reads:

Divide for armholes as follows:
K23, BO4 sts, K44, BO4 sts, K23
Next Row: Purl back, placing sleeve sts from holders on needle and placing markers at begining and end of each sleeve.

Now…my question is where exactly am I supposed to attach these sleeves??? And do I do that by purling through both the sts on the body and the sleeves at the same time?

I just can’t seem to get how this is supposed to happen! Your help is appreciated!!!

How many sleeve stitches are on your holders? I’m thinking that it’s four. If it is then you would purl 23 sts from the sweater body, then purl the 4 sts from the stitch holder, then purl 44 sts from the sweater body, then the 4 from the other stitch holder and then purl the last 23 sts from the sweater body so that all of the stitches will be on the same needle. Do you have a picture?

I bet the 4 stitches are for the underarm. So, you purl the front sts, take your first sleeve with the purl side facing you and purl the stitches from the holder, then the back sts, then the other sleeve, and finally the other front. It looks weird for a few rows, but it really does start looking like a sweater after that…

Thank you guys! I think you are right…putting the sleeve sts on after the 4BO sts. There are 33 sleeve sts…

I will give that a try–thanks again!

You’re right jj.