On felting?

Ok, Lion brand has this pattern for a really cute bunny.

I was going to try to felt it…I was wonderign if anyone had any advice for felting an odd shape? I have to stuff it to finish it before felting it. i just tore up somemuslim and used that for stuffing. If I put it in the washer…felting it that way, will it all dry well? the stuffing and all? woudl you sew it before felting? I havent’ really felted anything mre than a swatch before. I was hoping someone more experienced might be able to help me!

thanks! heather :slight_smile:

That will be one tiny bunny after felting! :teehee: I suggest putting it in a lingerie bag before felting. It will take quite a while to dry especially if you are in a humid climate. You could put it in the dryer as well, but it may felt a little more. If you don’t mind that then that is probably what I would do at least for a little bit.

If you make it out of Woolease, it won’t felt since it’s a blend.

Ohhhh I didn’t even think of that, I just assumed she’d made it with wool. :shifty:

I used lion wool. I realize it will be a bit small, i am curious to see how small it would be. I could probably alter it later to be a bit bigger. This is all experimental right now.

thanks. h :slight_smile: