On a quest for free patterns! >>>

Besides the obvious www.knittingpatterncentral.com and www.knitty.com, where are your favorite places to look for freebies?


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Check out the sticky at the start of this section, there is a very comprehensive list of patterns.

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I don’t have time to list them all right now, but if you go to my del.icio.us the majority of my links are to sites with good free knitting patterns. The one that pops in my head that I love is knitting daily. HTH!

Oh … my del.icio.us :slight_smile:


You are a lady after my own heart! I’ve started a whole section in my Word files for free patterns!

You know you can select your text, use edit-copy… then go to your Word document and use edit-paste. And to copy a photo, just either right-click on it then select copy image and again do copy-paste in your Word pattern, or [at least on a Mac] you can just point to the picture, click and drag it to the Word page and release your click.

Now, in the Word pattern, you can do edit - Select All and change the font, the size of your font, etc. And you can click on the picture and make it any size you want.

A TOTAL goldmine out there!

PS - in Google or Yahoo, just enter the keywords “Free Aran Sweater Patterns” [or whatever your interest] and hit Search.


There’s another site at thedailyknitter.com with lots of patterns.

Most of the yarn companies have free patterns on their sites as well. Lionbrand.com, coatsandclark.com, bernat.com, crystalpalace.com, to name a few. The stores like joann.com and michaels.com have them, too. I usually google when doing searches and like stated, there are tons of them out there.

Crystal palace (straw.com) has quite a few. Some are very similar, but made in different types of yarn.