On a quest, for an adult bonnet pattern

I have curly hair. and as any curly haired person knows, hats are not our best friends. wintertime usually means i’m wearing a hood, and quite frankly, i’m jealous of all the adorable hats that are sold and being knit up lately. i want something fun.
for a while now, i’ve been talking about how i would LOVE to make a knit or crocheted bonnet to wear during the winter months. complete with a big bow tied under my chin.

the rim around the top doesn’t need to be as big, but this is kinda the look i’m going for. i thought knit up in a nice charcoal grey and burgundy would be a nice compliment to my black coat. it’d be a very stylish way to keep my noggin warm, and my hair from being smushed into obivion by a hat being yanked over my head.
and it’d just be gosh darned cute!

any suggestions on where to start looking? so far all i’ve found are sewn bonnet patterns…is there a nice baby bonnet pattern out there someplace that i can adapt? or is there a knit or crocheted vintage pattern out there for adults?

Um… :teehee: At any rate I’ve never seen a knitted pattern like that and I’m not sure you could make the brim stand up… :think:

Everyone has they own sense of style and flare. You just might create a fashion craze, maybe you might want to check out these sites. If you have not done so already.



In Elizabeth Zimmerman’s knitting workshop there is a pattern for a bonnet where there is a heart on the back of the head then forward fromt that comes the bonnet part over the head and ears. It does’nt flair up with a brim like your picture but I bet some sort of adaption could be made. It’s very cute in an old fashioned way. Curly hair would peak out the front of it in a very fetching manner.

ETA: In Knit Two Together there is a pattern for a scarf with a bonnet attached to one side that, if I recall is sort of lacy and cute.

My mom had a tie-on hat when we were growing up that I’m pretty sure she made herself. I have no idea where she got the pattern (or even if she still has it - I haven’t seen it in nearly 20 years).

okay, so i found this pattern, and i think this on is perfect. a little dainty, but not so over the top that it’ll be too much.

should i make it up in the infant size to see how it’s put together, and then try to adjust the numbers to fit my head? or should i just try doubling everything and see how that goes?

i know, a bonnet is kinda dorky…but, i’m a dork, so it works out fine! actually, people that know me say “i can see you wearing a bonnet” hahaha. like they expect something like that from me. the curls are key. i think having my curls poking out underneath would just be too cute!

any suggestions on how i should approach this? i’ve never upsized a pattern this much…usually, i just use bigger yarn and bigger needles…i don’t think it’d work for this one…

How intriguing!! Sorry, I can’t be any help, but I can’t wait to see a finished picture, with poking out curls!

To do that in adult size, Yes I would do one infant size to get construction ideas, and go from there.
Here is a crochet one, with ruffle around front. Crochet tends to be a bit stiffer so might be better for the ruffle or brim.
this one I’ve always thought would look good on curly hair, & you could add a brim and big bow to it quite easily.

There’s a bonnet pattern in the second SnB book. SnB Nation.

you are totally right! i completely forgot about that bonnet in stitch n bitch because it’s all furry…i wonder what it looks like knit up normally! i bet i could figure out another stitch to use to make it interesting…like a combination of the two bonnets…:think:
i must make this work!

i do like that one from knitty…maybe i’ll make up one of those too…

If you go to this site: http://www.timelytresses.com/page7.html

They have buckram hat/bonnet forms. You can easily cover the brim with fabric and knit the back, or cover the whole hat in knitting. Either way, you would need a form like this for a brim as you have shown.

I am planning a period wedding for next August, so I have done a lot of research on all this stuff, lol.

Another idea, if the bonnets don’t work out - I’ve seen some patterns (mostly crochet) for a wider-brimmed hat that might imitate your bonnet face-framing look OK. I tend to prefer wider brims on my hats. I just have one of those faces that would have looked good in a wide-brimmed bonnet.