On a purl row, what does Make two stitches with 1 mean?

I’m making aGarnStudios pattern and their instructions aren’t always clear. On the first lace row chart (a purl row) one box says “Work 2 sts in 1 st.” What does this mean? I know it’s an increase…Anyone have a more specific idea?

It is a rather non-specific increase so you can do your favorite increase here or a kfb or a krl, both on the increases page at the top of this page. Later, there is a make 3 from one st in the chart and that is very specific as to how to do the increase.
Mmm, lovely pattern.

It would be a pfb where you’d increase a stitch out of one stitch. The m1 increases don’t use a stitch to make the new one.

Hi GJ. On the first lace row chart, M1A, the increase (2 sts from 1st, open circle in a box) is on a knit row (open box). Actually, that’s what it looks like in the other lace charts which are worked in the round, too…

Thanks, I didn’t look at the chart. But you’re right, the inc is on the knit row so it would be kfb.

Well, the question really was about a pfb. I wonder of GJ is planning on knitting this back and forth rather than in the round?

Yep, that’s what I replied to, about on the purl row. Still, that would be a RS row, whether in the round or flat and would be knit anyway.

So you both TOTALLY helped me out…I’m working another pattern that calls for making stitches on purl rows, so you helped there.:slight_smile:
And on this pattern, I totally mis-read the charts. :aww:I’ve only knit with charts a couple of times and it’s been awhile! I am knitting this in the round as instructed and just assumed that it was a purl row! :doh:
So thank you both!:hug:

Aha, perfect! Happy knitting.

If you’re knitting in the round, you would read all rows from R to L, and I think the 2nd row is supposed to be purled in the round to make a garter st ridge on the RS.

Sue, that makes sense…Some of the pictures show a lot of curling at the bottom and I’m thinking a purl row would at least HELP with that. So I DO purl and I do the increase as explained above?

There’s no increase on the purl round. CO and knit one round, then go to the chart, knit the first one with the increase - the chart shows that round should be knit. Then you purl the next one and the one after goes to M1B and that has YOs and decs.

Sue, do you think it would be a good idea to purl a row before I start the lace pattern to keep it from rolling?

There’s already a purl round in it… Cast on, knit 1 round, knit 1 round with the increase in it, [I]purl one round[/I], then go into the lace pattern on chart M.1B. Or did you mean do more than one round?

I don’t like doing ribbing so I do garter st at the bottom of my tops by doing a purl round after the cast on, knit 1 round, one more purl round, then go into the pattern. So you could certainly do the first round as a purl, knit the next one with the incs in it, then purl another one and start the lace pattern after that.

I agree. I was thinking of adding a row of garter to keep it from rolling.