ON--a messenger bag

I’m not following a certain pattern–its a rectangle to be folded in thirds with another 4 inch wide rectangle to be used as the handle. I choose khaki worsted weight with some nubby/sparkle brown(label lost) with a tri color blue stripe. Using 10 and 10.5 needles. Its all in knitted stitch–I should have been finished this week–been home with the flu, but I slept. Hopefully, I will finish soon. I have a confession–I can only work on 1 project at a time. Will throw me out of the club?

i’m the same way I have to work on one project at a time, if i don’t and I start a new one in the middle of the first, I’ll never finish the first project. so don’t feel bad.

I’m the same way. I am in the middle of knitting socks, and decided to start a small throw for my mom in garter stitch. Just so I’d have something to do without thinking about it. I haven’t picked up the socks since, although I really liked working on them and can’t wait to wear them.