? on 1st attempt at a sweater cont

OK–I was able to get the sleeves sts onto my work and now have knitted up to where I am supposed to be shaping the neck. The pattern reads:

Continuing armhole decreases, place first 4 sts of next 2 rows on holders, then decrease 1 st each end every other tow 2 times.

After 12 armhole decreases total have been worked, placed remaining sts on holder.

Pick up50 or 51 sts including sts on holders. Keeping first and last 4 in garter stitch make another buttonhold and work about an inch of ribbing.[/I]

I am confused about a couple of things…When I am shaping the neck, what I am doing? That whole line seems confusing! Do I end up with 8 sts on the holders at each end? And is my yarn just carried behind those sts? Then…when I have done 12 armhole decreases, why would I put them on a holder, if the next step says to put all the sts from the holder back on the needles???

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks…

They’re talking about rows there, so you’ll be working those stitches back and forth rather than in the round.

The stitches are put on holders so you can use your needles for the straight rows, I imagine.

Does that help?

When you shape the neck only the 8 sts at the ends are on holders; just ignore them while you finish the neck, you’ll be going back and forth for that. When you’re [B]done[/B] with the shaping, put those stitches on your needles along with the rest of them from around the neck, but keep them in garter, while the rest of the neckband is done in ribbing. Make a buttonhole in the garter band on the first row.

Thanks, you guys…that does help. The sweater is knit in straight rows, not circular.

When I put the sts onto the holders, my yarn has to stretch across those 4sts in order for me to start knitting again, yes? That part is still confusing me a bit.

Thanks again! You are saving my project!!!:muah:

It shouldn’t. Knit the 4, then put them on the holder. Then the yarn will be on the inside edge of the holder.

OK… I think I get it…knit the first 4 sts, then place them on the holder, decrease at the end of the row, then knit the first 4 sts of the next row, place on holders, decrease at the end of that row, then repeat that whole thing again so there are 8 sts on each holder. In the meantime, I’ve also been doing the armhole decreases along the way…Then I start the neckband with all of my sts and start the ribbing and buttonhole.


Thank you, thank you!

Right, put the sts on the holders [B]after[/B] you knit them.