OMY...Denise problem!

:frowning: :frowning: I was just knitting with my #10; 19’ cord when the connector broke :crying:
Before I began :wall: I wrote a very nice & quick letter asking that they be taken care of quickly :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
So…let’s see how long it will take for them to fix this Problem…I’ve sung :notworthy: many praises about my Denises (of which I still believe)! But, as with all things in life :doh: stuff happens.
Just wanted to let ya’ll know…that even tho I’ve had this little :frog: frog of a snaffu (sp?)…I still :heart: :heart: :heart: my Denises!!
I will venture to say that the problem will be fixed very, very quickly!
Everyone…have a :XX: :XY: and :balloons: weekend!!
:waving: and :zzz: one and all

That’s exactly what happened to me!!

They are going to tell you to send 1 dollar in a letter telling them how it happened. The address is on the insert that came in the case.

I’ve seen it happen to a few people on another knitting forum.

I already did exactly that! Put the 19" cord (I was really needing it at the time); the broken adapter; the $! & told em what was going on…i was knitting…lol! then i took it directly out to the mail…here I am in my pjs, with my brace one & with crutches…Lonnie didn’t want me to go out alone (don’t know why…very ssafe neighborhood)…but…here’s the deal…I was protected…very well :evil: you’ve seen the pic of Sally :twisted: below my name…well, she weighs like 12-14 lbs (supposed to be 10 1/2…her humans have been giving her tooo many treats…so she goes on the non diet…eat right way of life with us now…lol…our bad eating habits have infected the fam!!)…anyway…I was well :devil: protected on our short walk to the mail box…pitty the fool that messed with me!!! She’s my baby, but thinks I’m her baby!! She spends all day with me bc I stay at home…so we have a very close bond :evil: :twisted: that cannot be penetrated…lol :roflhard: :roflhard: Kelly…how long did it take to get your denise stuff back?
tomorrow (well in a few hours) I MUST make myself knit this afghan…so u won’t hear much from me
so… :waving: and

meant to say…
bye :waving:
good night

bye :waving:
goodnight :zzz:

that was better…but the attempts were very :oops: :blush:

have a :XX: :XY: and not a :frog: day
your knitting buddy,'

don’t u just :heart: :heart: my sally…she’s so sweet…she looks bigger than a min. doxie…but that is what she is…and…did u know they were actually bred to go after & dig out badgers?! who knew…or cared, really (sorry sal)
i’t’s 5:55 am & I have been up all nite with pain and i’m a bit goofy…yes, before it’s even said…i am very well aware of the fact that that is my normal personality…and i’m very proud of every oz (and there r lots!!) of goofiness in me
for real

I dont have mine back yet…just mailed it out last week.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Hey, Hey, Hey…The Denise cord has been replaced…ALREADY…because of the one that I broke just a short time ago…that was FAST!! Just another reason for ya’ll to know why we love Denise Interchangeables!! Certainly another reason why denises are the way to go!!!

:notworthy: [color=red]Denise Interchangables [/color] :notworthy:

Warning: I just feel like being catty!

I haven’t seen many people post this problem about their Boyes sets! :devil: Hee hee hee. :heart: my Boyes.

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. I’m having a bad day and it made me feel better. :eyebrow:

mmmMRRRROOWWWWrrrr, Gardy! (KellyK making cat scratching motion)

Actually, I broke another cord a couple days ago…same way. I used my tummy to get the point protector on. :oops: I still dont think they should be breaking that way, though!

Well… in reply to gardenia’s totally scathing remark… :wink:

I’ve had my Denises for well over a year, I use them EVERYDAY, and have never had any problems, so neener neener.

:frowning: sorry kellyk, and…i hate to say this after all the praising I’ve been giving them… :oops: i agree…should not be happening so often!!! but…chocolate makes me gain weight…and i don’t stop with it, either…lol…can’t help a good thing!!

Well, no worries, send them a buck & Its all solved. I just dont know THE POWER OF MY TUMMY! :shock:

My same cord broke while knitting a tank top (with very thin yarn) this week. I was just knitting along gently and it snapped. Luckily I have several other circular needles that size, but it isn’t the same. That cord must be faulty. Other than that I love them much more than any of my other needles and for knitting for such a short time I have alot of needles!