Ommmm... getting zen about my knitting

I am currently working on the Vogue Kitting rolled-collar ribbed shrug. I am making it for myself and in the pattern’s largest size. It is a very simple pattern of alternating ribs in stocking stitch and rev ss.

My point is … will I ever finish???:shrug:

Every evening I sit and do a good few rows and now have one sleeve and half the back done, so really I am half done and on the home straight but still I feel like I will be knitting it for ever. I guess this is where I learn to enjoy the process and forget about the thrill of finishing the item. Any tips for getting through the knitting wall???


Well, you already have finished half of it, that’s good work.

What I would do is maybe let it sit for a few days, then pick it up again.
Every stitch, every row contributes to finishing the shrug.

It’s like any long trip…just keep the pedal to the metal…and you will eat up the miles! :wink:

Just keep going. At some point, you’ll actually start feeling like you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am just about to bind off a shawl that I have been knitting on for months! After only a couple of inches, I felt overwhelmed at how much more I had to knit. I often work long hours at the office so I don’t have a lot of time to knit anyway. Some nights I’d only have enough time to do one row (which was 240 stitches, thank you very much).

Often at work when I have a large project, I break the project down into smaller steps and work on one thing at a time. I do this with my knitting projects too. I make a spreadsheet and break the pattern down into smaller sections and keep track of my knitting progress. This probably won’t work for everyone, but it helps me to see I am making progress even when the knitting doesn’t really show it yet.

That is a great idea. I am definitely a project-management/ spreadsheet kind of girl too. Respect for the 240 stitch row. Mine only has 82.

I have indeed stepped away from it for a couple of days and went yarn shopping online instead

Buying more yarn makes everything seem better, doesn’t it? Even just looking at yarn online makes me feel better when I’m having a difficult day. Oh, the pretty colors!

You know, I was having this same problem with a blanket I’m working on (still…still…going on forever…still LOL). It’s deffo best to, once you get tired of it, put it away for a while. I’ve started back up on mine, since I would like to at least try and get it done before the winter LOL. And just think! When you’re all done you’ll be able to enjoy all your hard work and long hours of effort, and you’ll love it even more :wink:
Best of luck!

Also working on another small project can help too, like a hat or dishcloth. But most of all I agree with you about enjoy the process… :knitting:

I understand the feeling. I have more than one project going at the same time so I just switch to another and keep going. I am knitting a sweater, kimono, two different scarves, a pair of socks and crocheting a doily. I just finished one doily and added a new one from a cal. When I get back to the sweater I feel a great sense of work done. I finished the back and am working on the front now. I was about to start the back of the kimono with a dragon to center and found it was too big. Temporary delay as my son wants a dragon in red. So while I work out the back problem I will start one of the sleeves. Keep moving along. I am getting close to finishing my socks and will add another pair on the needles:X:.

Great tips here! (and a good topic you posted, as I’m sure all of us have felt that way on some knitting projects). In fact, I started a blanket last fall and it was so tiring, I put it away in a box…and lost it!
Now I want to start searching for it again, but can’t remember not even a bit where I might start to search (house is in need of major sorting).
So good luck with it! …keep the mantra going: “just keep knitting, just keep knitting…”

Woodie that was funny!

Now all I can hear in my head is Dory from Nemo going “just keep knitting, just keep knitting la la laa”

My Yarn shopping brought me lovely Debbie Bliss cashmerino to make my SIL a baby blanket. It is the perect answer to my problem as it is made up of 54 squares of just 14 stitches by 24 rows. I now get that great finished feeling every 30 minutes.