i just realized after seeing a post here that i have Malabrigo! i was looking through Necia’s post that she got from her SP8 and saw her orgnag Malabrigo and thought to myself… i have some yarn that looks like that. so i went to look at it and the tag said Malabrigo. now me not really knowing what the deal is with this stuff didn’t even think about it when i got it from my SP7!!! :doh: so help me out… whats the big deal with this stuff? and what is normally made from this? it is super soft though… sorry Sage… i didn’t know! :whoosh:

I think the big deal (at least to me) is its softness. It is by far the dreamiest, softest wool I have ever felt!!! :inlove:

I was turned onto Malabrigo by a very kind fellow knitter who sent me a gift made with a small sample of Malabrigo. It’s lovely. I sent some to my Secret Pal, although I have yet to buy any for myself. But I WILL definitely buy some for myself, one of these days, as a big treat.

hey Del!!!

yeah i didn’t ever realize how soft it was… i’ll have to fine more where i live!

Carmell!!! That’s like finding a $20 bill in the pocket of your jeans !!! Awesome!! I hope you find something fantastic to knit with it. I was “this close” to buying a couple of hanks of it @ Stitches last weekend, but I had already spent my limit & decided to wait until I could actually use it.

Have fun!!! What a great surprise.