My neeedles fell out of my lace project!! :waah:

Waaaah indeed! Find a smaller needle, and with the working yarn at the end of a RS row, pull out the sts one by one as you put them on the needles. Don’t worry about if they’re turned the right way or not, just get them on the needles. You shouldn’t drop any sts if you don’t pull along the edge.

And if you unknit one row after you get them back on the needles, they’ll all be in the right position and you shouldn’t have to worry if you missed a yo or not.

One HUGE commiserating ouch!:hug:

I’d be crying too! :pout: I hope you’re able to get your stitches back onto your needles without too much difficulty…

So sorry, that happened to me on my first lace project and I panicked big time, had never fthat happen so was terrified. Luckily a local shop had a very nice knitter there who helped show me what to do. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. I did get everything back into place. I only lost 2 rows.

Oh no!

Lifeline, lifeline, lifeline. Lace especially needs a lifeline. Once you put it in or before note which row of the pattern it’s on so you’ll know where to start again.


When that happens to me, I tink back on a wrong side row. I hope you got yours OK. I learned the MOST and advanced the quickest when I made my first lace shawl and it was all those little mistakes and dropped stitches, forgotten YOs that taught them to me.