interview tomorrow for a position in my LYS! fingers crossed, breath held, and prayers said – all appreciated!!! Thank you!

Everything crossed here for you. Good thing it’s not me. I’d just have to hand over my paycheck every week and still owe them money!

:yay: Crossed Fingers

Hazzah! I hope that works out for you!!

I worked at Herrschners for a year, didn’t work out for me so well…but I really hope your LYS is great!

:pray: Crossed Fingers :pray: Crossed Fingers :pray:

All the best!

Hiring JUJU headed your way!!!


That sounds like a really dangerous place to work!! :slight_smile: Good luck!

That would be dangerous for me, for sure! Good luck!

I would SO not be able to work at my LYS!!! I would spend more than I made every week!! :teehee:

Good luck to you, tho! :thumbsup:

Best Wishes!!!Crossed Fingers :pray: :thumbsup: :knitting:

Good Luck and fingers crossed.:thumbsup:

Oh you lucky dog! Let us know how it goes. :cheering:

Good luck, eh…employee discounts?!


Meet Loops newest employee - ME


yes! 30%! hourly wage not much, but employee discount is great! :smiley:

congrats!! :woohoo:

YEAH!!! :cheering:



cloud9 for you!
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: