OMG - we thought King Cole patterns were hard to understand.

I saw some patterns by DROPS, I think it could be Finnish (you know the country) ha ha

Well I thought I would knit my daughter a head band, she goes to work via a car so she doesn’t get too cold but I have some bits of wool and thought that I would use it up. Well, if someone can tell me what the gist is they must be good at deciphering. I just want to do a couple of rows in pink and I have a 50g roll of fluffy wool and then end with another couple of pink rows. The wool for the middle is quite thick and the head band takes something like 4mm needles. So I looked at the patterns and thought no way I can do this pattern until I realised that the wool I would be using it didn’t really need a pattern. I have measured my head (yes its not big) and the size is 56/58cm

I haven’t copied the pattern because its irrelvant now, but can someone tell me what to do. How many to cast on as it says 20" is that enough to go round your head - thinking you have to have the head ban fairly tight? Thanks, Anne in Spain

**Tram Lines by DROPS Design **

** GARTER ST (back and forth):**
** K all rows. 1 ridge = K2 rows. **

** PATTERN: **
See diagrams A.1 to A.3. The diagrams show all rows in pattern seen from RS.
Worked back and forth on needle and sew tog mid back.
Cast on 24 sts with Karisma on needle size 4 mm / US 6. Work A.1a (= 2 rows) 1-2 times.
**Continue with A.1b. When entire diagram has been worked 1 time vertically, piece measures 7-8 cm / 2 3/4"-3 1/8’’. REMEMBER THE KNITTING GAUGE Repeat A.1a and A.1b 6 more times vertically. **
Size S/M is now done. In size M/L continue with 4 rows with K over K and P over P. Piece measures 49-51 cm / 19 1/4"-20’’. Bind off.

Sew tog cast-on edge and bind-off edge mid back with invisible grafting/kitchener stitches.

Hola Ana,

20 inches= 50.8 cm
Karisma wool from Drops: 21 stitches are 10cm
I would then calculate, it looks like you would be casting on something like 100 stitches to make the band in a few long rows instead of many short ones.

Does that sound right? 100 stitches sound like a lot though!

it says " size 4mm needed to get 21 sts x 28 rows. But even then 21 stitches are not really enough to go round your head are they?

I did not attach the top of the pattern, here goes I cant understand it thus thought it irrelevant. sorry for missing the top of the pattern off. What do you think now. As I said I am not doing it to their pattern, if I thought it was hard to understand you want to see the dots and dashes on the pattern to follow. The black wool I am using is when knitted up going to be furry.

Hope i am not confusing anyone. Anne

DROPS design: Pattern no u-786
Yarn group B
Size: S/M – M/L
Head circumference: 54/56 - 56/58 cm / 21 1/4’’/22’’ - 22’’/22 3/4’’
**Measurements: Circumference: 49-51 cm / 19 1/4"-20" Width: 9 cm / 3½’’ for both sizes **
Materials: DROPS KARISMA from Garnstudio
50 g for both sizes in color no 01, off white

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES size 4 mm / US 6 - or size needed to get 21 sts x 28 rows in stockinette st = 4’’ x 4’’ (10 x 10 cm).
DROPS CABLE NEEDLE - for cables.

i LOOKED UP the wool, it says knit in yarn group B so looked it up on the internet…

Looked at the wool and it says needles 4 - 4.5mm

Thanks Anne

Anne, of course 21 stitches are not going to be enough to go around your head. The headband is a rectangle with 2 long sides and 2 short sides. The long sides are what go around your head. The pattern tells you to start at the short side (9cm) and knit many rows until you reach the length of your head circumference (56-58cm). Then you would sew together the cast on and cast off, so the 2 short sides.

Ana, el patrón de Drops es para que hagas la cinta empezando por la parte estrecha, imagina que coges una cinta del pelo y la cortas, te queda un rectángulo. Pues ese rectángulo es lo que tienes que tejer y luego coses los dos lados, donde empezaste y por donde terminas. Yo pensaba que querías hacerla de otro modo, empezando por el lado largo (que es el largo de la circunferencia de tu cabeza) y haciendo unas 10 filas o como se llame en español rows, que no lo sé…

I understand that you don’t care for the pattern, you just want to knit a rectangle with 4mm needles that give you the same measurement? Then cast on 24 stitches and knit row after row until you reach 51 cm (according to pattern), then try it on, it will be stretchy so maybe 52 cm is enough for your 56-58 cm head.

Anne, here’s the pattern in Spanish, I think it’s ok to understand the diagram, if you want I can help you. If you still want to try making it like in the photo, I mean.

And here’s the pattern in English, for clarity

Glad you’re getting some help here! I avoid Drops patterns myself. Plenty of other patterns available.

Hi Jan, yes I won’t be using King Cole again either, they don’t put commas in their patterns and you have to read the pattern over and over to get the gist. To be quite honest it looked quite easy and knitting hurts my back I have to be careful. I have pressed the bits and now waiting for the sunshine so that I can see what I am doing to put it together. Most places in the valencia area have had terrible weather getting to the car my shoes are nearly under water and the streets have water flowing like a river.

I liked the video about putting the garment together I use clothes pegs to line two pieces together when I press them.!!

Thanks everyone is so kind but this new pattern for a head band takes the biscuit ha ha

Best wishes. Anne Barnett spain

To be quite honest magdelena I have bits and pieces I just want to use up and one lot of “wool” I used for a fvluffy scarf last xmas so I thought I would use it up. And yes it was fairly stupid of me to do longways. I kept on measuring my head then looked at the tape measure… I did think about longways and then forgot I got a bit involved it helped pass the time away as we both have cabin fever the weather is so bad.

So if I knit it long ways put it into my head …how many stitches would I need ? I am edging with this furry “wool” in front and at the back …it has long hairs but doubled up its quite nice and matches her scarf. I would have liked to knit the middle bit with a other quite thick wool I have which is thicker than chunky and looks a bit furry.

It will be like knitting the scarf, boring but affective. How many stitches should I be considering to cast on bearing in mind I am putting an edging in front band back. Sorry I am not very good at explaining but the wool could have a bit of fine elastic running through.

I don’t speak very good Spanish and the shop I go into the ladies are so good …funny little shop…the other week I forgot to see what Stitch holder was in Spanish but with hand signs etc we managed and we have a good laugh. There are lots of wool shops i have discovered both valencia and gandia, but so far not really bought any. We have markets where local charities sell their clothes all in piles and so far have managed. to find some pretty nice wool. Pink and blue mohair and the jumper alpaca, was a knitted coat obviously not to anyone’s taste. Gandia and valencia the women are very very well dressed and often wonder if their clothes come off the market. The area is pretty much famous for its garment manufacturing and until the turn of the century cotton was made here. I love it here but miss england.

So I will start my head band…I think somewhere you told me how many to cast on …was it 25? Anne


Sorry for assuming you were Spanish. So you are in Valencia? Nice place! Not right now of course with all the water… I hope it will pass soon!

I am Spanish myself but live in Holland. I started knitting a while ago but most of the patterns I see here in magazines are in Dutch, so I had to learn all the terms and abbreviations. It doesn’t work sometimes… but ladies in the wool shop next to my house are also very nice and try to help me. I am lucky that here most people speak English so if I know the English word, I usually get what I need.

Ok, now for your headband! If I understood correctly, in the end you want to start in the short side, like the pattern, but without following the diagram? Then you would indeed knit it like a scarf, and I think 24 or 25 stitches would make it broad (wide) enough. Then, for the length, you would need to knit many rows (but it will go fast because they are short, with few stitches). I think the Drops pattern has a cast on with 24 stitches and a total of 120 rows (120 rows: around 50 cm according to them).

If you want to make it longways I don’t know how many you would be casting on, but you would need more than 100 for sure.

Sorry I cannot help you more, I don’t even know what an edge stitch is… :worried:

@Enna If you want to make it lengthwise then you’ll have to measure your head with a tape measure and do a swatch and figure out how many stitches you get per inch before you can cast on. Because the pattern is written for doing it on the short side and seaming the cable will probably not work for you. You’d have to figure out what the repeat is and see if it’s possible to make it work.

Hi Jan I am not doing the pattern because the pattern won’t be seen. The middle knits up like thick fur !!! So all I thought of doing was to put there pink hairy wool on each edge with the black furry bit in the middle. My head measurement is about 53/54 cm…any ideas now!!! Anne

No, no one can really tell you how many to cast on because it depends on your own personal gauge. What I would do is find a pattern that’s already knit that way. I’ll see if I can find a few so you at least have a closer idea.

No that’s absolutely perfect thank you so much you understood me msgdelena

Where was your home in spain? To translate is not too bad but was it Finnish the pattern?

Yes there are two shops in valencia almost next door to each other ( near the market) and there are odd shops here and there in towns but I just LOVE the shops that sell the bits and pieces, beads etc for the Falla’s dresses. In a place called Xativa they sell wool etc but I could just go and stare at what they have, its just amazing. Anne

muchas gracias magdalena, I have just had a glish with my emails that is just what I wanted so I will go and choose my wool and start again. I am not worried it will be long, the scarf was very long, I just pick it up when I am sitting down and watching tv. Your English is so so good

Hope we meet again on the forum.

Don’t laugh but I never know when I am speaking Valenciano or Spanish!!!

Feliz Navidad or Bonnes Festes Anne

Hi @Enna, sorry for not replying earlier! I had such a busy days yesterday and today!

My home in Spain was Andalucía - my parents moved regularly related to my Dad’s job and I lived in several places in Spain, but most of my teenage and young adult years were spent in Sevilla and Málaga. I still fly back to Málaga several times per year and instantly miss living there… the sun, the light, the beach. the food!

I like Holland a lot too, but it’s hard not to miss home of course.

Spanish and Valenciano should be similar enough that even I would get confused! haha. Well, they can also be very different, I guess. I like the sound of Valenciano and Catalan, it´s cute. In Andalucía we just speak fast.

Hope to see you again on the forum as well! And good luck with your headband! Keep me posted :wink:

Was thinking of your comment on how the light is here. Its day time and almost pitch black not been out a

Oh my, I just got to Málaga from Amsterdam yesterday night, and today the sun is blinding me!! How lucky can people be to live in such a place! I’ve been away long enough to notice these things now :frowning:

Surely not Magdalene, sunshine where? Je je we have emptied 3 buckets of water from down the chimney and not been out since friday…we have what’s called cabin fever. The roads where we live in palma have been like a river so we had to stay inside but we were OK, plenty to do and see…

2 people have been drowned down a road which is really a barranc near benidorm, this has happened twice now and people still go down the road in these terrible conditions. But then we go to the uk on Wednesday.

Really struggled with the sweater which I finished but certainly not happy with it my partner says I have to be perfect!!! Its probably how I interpreted it but the most stupid thing was the neck was knitted on needles and not a round needles. I have a feeling it will be too big for my daughter so I have got the rest of the wool out and starting another sweaterf but not chosen a pattern yet. Did I tell you how I got the wool? It was a beautifully knitted coat obviously never been worn I bought for 5 euros on one of these stalls you see on markets. I have done this 3 times now. If the garment pulls back its OK if not then nothing is wasted. I knit Jane 2 mohair sweaters before. This sweater was alpaca.

So I have plenty of wool for another sweater. It was really bought for a coat but my partner said I looked like a bear so pulling the wool back wow no option…I do wash the wool!!!

So happy days I did put a note on the forum for you but it was v hard to explain my problems but it was OK in the end. I got hold of the pattern in the end, tore it up and threw it in the bin. Funnily enough my daughter lives near king coles offices!!

I am so glad malaga sun is out specially for you, its been really bad here for sure. The road outside the house was like a river probably because we live under the mountain.

Well have a great xmas we will be off to england on thursday to see Jane so hope the weather is reasonable. She lives not far from Leeds so expect we will be there for a day. We miss her not being in London…she works for a company called team 17 and she is the psychologist on the team and no I don’t play games.

Have a good time seeing all your relations an getting all the news,eating and drinking je je

Now you have my email keep in touch …Anne