OMG! The things that kids say!

I’m in my room watching Oprah, knitting and keeping my foot elevated after surgery to repair my Achilles Tendon.

My 9 YO dd who has just gotten home from camp has parked herself in front of the computer and is on speakerphone with a friend (boy) who rides her bus to camp. They are both playing on

My dd says to her friend (and I quote) “Would you take off all your clothes. I want to see what you look like.”

To which he responds “I’m waiting for you to do it first.”



Good thing I know they are just talking about their pets.


Thank heavens you knew what she was doing! That could have been quite a shock.

:shock: :roflhard:

LOL!!! Too funny!


That reminds me of my friend’s two little girls (now 15 and 16). When I called the house they used to tell me (only me and few family members) that their mom was nakey and went to the store… and then they would giggle and hand the phone to their mom.


Beautiful button!

LOL That’s a riot!!

Their pet whats? :slight_smile:

It’s worse when your child says: “Mum is on the toilet, she’ll probably be a while yet”.


Hello, may I speak to your mother please?


Oh my gosh, too funny!

When my dd was in kindergarten for show and tell got up and “told” that her mommy had killed her daddy’s electric fishies. :oo:Ummm, her dad had just had a vasectomy and we still don’t know where she got that one from, but I got a call about it and later the same year she told the class that God makes babies when the peepees fight, so I had to go to school again. :wall: She is now 29 and the mother of my older grandson, who is 7, very precocious and is as the old folks used to say, “paying for her raisin’” by his antics! lol

When the peepees fight :roflhard:

I remember when I was teaching and children were telling news having to gently step in as a child spoke about mummy crying at breakfast because daddy had had sex with his secretary. The child was oh so matter of fact about it all tho :slight_smile: