OMG! The needles make all the difference! (what do you use?

It really depends on the yarn. I used bamboo with LionBrand homespun, and hated it, once I switched to metal was much happier (I tend to knit a bit…TAUTLY)…but with a really slippery yarn like Divine, I was happier with a bamboo. Go figure!!!

Just remember, if you buy needles and you hate em, there is always a re-sale market for them. YOu are not married to them!

That’s exactly right, that’s why I’ve kept all of my different needles, bc chances are, even tho I prefer the teflon coated, I still have all of the others in case I run across a yarn that I don’t like using those on! And, I have a needle habit, too…along with the yarn, the books, the everything knitting…lol!
And, girl, I am a tight knitter, too!! I always have to recalculate patterns, etc bc I don’t like the look of my sts after changing the needle sizes!

Oh my, Ingrid, we have 3 LYS and none of them have a decent needle selection! I have to order mine! Can you believe that?! You would think that you could find what you are looking for from 3 and Michaels & Joanns…but, I do so love the internet & getting packages in the mail, so I don’t mind ordering them :wink:

I honestly don’t dislike any type of needle. I think I like bamboo the best, and metal the least, but I do like them all.

:heart: Addi Turbos :heart:

I will only buy Addi circulars now. I have a set of Boye Interchangeables but I don’t like how they feel or how they come unscrewed. :doh:

Are Addi Turbos only circular, or do they also come as straight needles?

I wasn’t for sure but I guess they do come in straight

Do you not like circular? :thinking:

I mostly use metal. At first that was just for a lack of options. But now that I’ve gotten some more experience using them, I love it. I love how fast you can go, and how much you can play with the tightness of your stitches. I once bought Addi Turbos to start a shawl for a friend, but promised DH I’d return them once I got some cheaper plastic needles. And boy, do I regret that! I loved the Addis, and HATE knitting with plastics! They’re too light so you can’t really get a good momentum, and the yarn doesn’t come off as easily as with metals. That said, I definitely got what I paid for with the plastics!

As for circs, I’ve only ever had my Boye interchangeables. They were okay to work with at first, but once I realized my two pet peeves about them (1. the ridges going from the cord to the needle are too abrupt, so work doesn’t slide the way it should; 2. no matter how much I tighten the connection, the needles always start coming loose, making my yarn catch in the groove), I’m determined to get better circs.

Hey Kelly…
I thought that you liked those PLASTIC ones…! :shock:

:mad: mumblegrumblemumbleresingrumblemumblegrumble :mad:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Smarty pants. :expressionless:


Do you not like circular?

I have just never tried them. Can you use them for flat knitting? (i.e., just like straight needles) Do some people use only circular for everything? Educate me!

I used circs for flat knitting. It was a shawl. I actually liked that better because you don’t have to keep up with 2 needles. (When you have kids, that can be a major feat!) It’s really easy and basically the same…knit one row, then turn the needles around so the work is on your left and start the next row.

earthchick, I only use circular needles. With circulars you don’t have to worry about dropping your needle–they’re still attached. :cheering:

Last night I was using dpn to make an I-cord and my daughter was laughing :roflhard: at me cause I kept dropping one.

If you have a LYS near you, ask if you can try one out. Let me know what you think.


Oops…hit wrong button last time. Anyway…are the 12" easy to use. The pic looks like the tip is rather long compared to the cord. I would like to try these for my Hogwarts scarf. I am on DPNs right now and it’s going ok but I think I could go faster on circs.

Thanks for the help everyone! I think I’m going to try some Addi circs and see what I think! :thumbsup:

I just bought some addi circular needles 12" and 16"
I paid less buying overseas for 2 circs and shipping than I would have paid here in the US. Just under $19.00 US dollars

:happydance: :cheering:

I can’t wait. :smiley:

Did you buy from Jeff Wonderland?

No, I got them from

The have this pattern for a beautiful lacy cardigan. Yummy!