OMG the baby's coming soon!

Some friends decided to adopt so I decided to start a unisex blanket and layette set for them so that when we got the call to meet their new little one that I would have the blanket all set to go. Well, I just started it a few days ago and thought I had plenty of time as I know people who have been on waiting lists for newborns for YEARS. I just got an e-mail that they are going this weekend to pick up their new BABY. OMG I must go :knitting: at like hyperspeed


That’s so exciting!!! Congrats to the new parents, and good luck on your hyperspeed knitting!! :smiley:

I love hearing about people adopting little ones.

Congratulations to all of them!

That is so lovely for your friends . :slight_smile:
Now Knit like you have never knitted before lol!!

Keep those needles flying and congrats to your friends on the new baby.:heart:


That is awesome news! DH and I were on a waiting list for exactly a year. They are very lucky to have gotten the call so soon! Knit, girl, knit!!!

Congrats to them all! :cheering:

I am very disappointed with my lot which is similar. I started knitting a baby blanket for my baby in December. The baby is almost here and is the blanket ready, Nope. I got pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome right around when I was half-way through with the blanket. So apparently I can make other people baby blankets to bring thier children home from the hospital, but I can’t make one for my baby.:waah: