OMG.. The baby is allergic to knitting!

Well here I am on the cusp of the second trimester, and my baby won’t let me knit!!

I get started, but by about 20 stitches in, I get really bad reflux and nausea…

I guess bub doesn’t want me to make her/him anything :frowning:

:shock: Now is the time to start disciplining this child! Tell the little peanut to let you finish one more row. Might as well get used to it now!

I’m glad to hear that you’re not still sick all the time. :thumbsup: At least I hope that’s the case. :pray:

What ingrid said. Take a tums and keep going. :lol: seriously, I hope this continues to work out for you!

Babies take up all of your time when they’re born. Yours is just getting an early start! :wink:

take a tablespoon of apple vinegar… for the reflux. :thumbsup: