OMG! so excited!

today is great day!!! i have a huge order of yarn being delivered today!!! i cant wait!!! :woot:

its here!! and its gorgeous!!! i cant wait to get home and start knitting!!!

Come on, come on, tell us all about it… what did you get???

i got 9 skeins of lion brand hometown usa (its not HOMESPUN)…for an afghan for my dad, and then i got 8 skeins of lion brand jiffy for an afghan for mom!! the colors are goregous!!! :slight_smile:

You are a tease…at least tell us what colors! and I hope you intend to post pics once you begin knitting…yes?

lol!!! in the hometown usa i got santa fe tweed (brown tweed), kansas city wheat (beige tweed) and cambridge tweed (black/grayish tweed), and then in the jiffy i got green tea, dove, espresso, and rust!!! and i will definately post pictures!!!