OMG Sleeve trouble! Need Help!

OK I have been working on my CPH for far far to long its been like 3 months. I am a busy mom what can I say. This weekend I finished all the pieces and was going to seem them up. I get to the sleeve and all is going just fine then I start to notice that I have much more sleeve hole then sleeve cap. If that makes any sense. I have no idea what to do I know the sleeve fits because I tried it on and I went back over the pattern a few times and I cant find where I made a mistake. What should I do? I thought about casting on more sts. to fill the gap, but am unsure how or if that would work. Its quite a big gap like a few inches. Please help!!! I will be so greatful. Thanks.

I have the pattern, but I’ve never made it. I just looked at it, though, and the schematic looks like the sleeve has a cap on it. Have you ever sewn clothing? When you set in a sleeve, you have to put in basting sts along the edge of the top cap of the sleeve to sort of pull it in and make it fit. So I’m thinking you very likely have to kind of ease in the sleeve cap to the arm scythe of the body. I would just try that, but the opposite way-- in other words, as you pin the 2 pieces together, kind of stretch out the armhole.

But here’s one question-- did you knit to gauge? Because if not, the pieces could come out a little funny. With armhole/sleeve cap shaping it makes a difference as to the height and width of the pieces, where as if it’s just a box shape, that is, a straight line down the side of the body and no distinct arm hole, and a straight top to the sleeve, with no distinct sleeve cap, then it doesn’t matter.