OMG OMG OMG I just had the biggest yarngasam EVER

I just bought the most [size=6][color=blue]BEAUTIFUL[/color][/size] yarn I have every seen!!!

This lady has really good customer service. She even sent me a free skein of yarn and samples of all of her other yarn!!! OMG I am going to buy as much as I can from her!!!

The pictures of the yarn are soooooo pretty but it does even COMPARE to the really thing!!! I don’t have words for it. The colors are just freakin’ AMAZING…I am so excited I want to so everyone. I wish I had a camera that would show all of you the true colors of this yarn, they are soooo vibrant!!! It kind of reminds me of Noro, but with more umph.

I saw it (so did my neighbor) and all we could say is “OMG, OMG, OMG” This is the best yarngasam I’ve ever had!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: :notworthy: :muah: :woohoo:

I am going to try to get pictures with the digital camera I have at work tomorrow and post them. Hopefully I can get pics that show the true colors…

6 skeins for $36, and all that extra stuff too?? :happydance: That’s fantastic, the colours are beautiful!!

ooooh :inlove:

Hey… it’s NZ wool. No surprise there. I’m not boasting or anything. :lol


This yarn is 2 ply, I want to make the Fiber Trends Clogs out of it. But on the pattern I think it says 10 ply. What do you guys think, can I do it?

her stuff is so beautiful!!! :inlove: Maybe I can win one of her auctions for my birthday this month!

That is some beautiful stuff!!! :inlove: The ply count is just how many strands are twisted together. You need worsted weight–4 or so stitches per inch. Compare your new beautiful stuff to other worsted and see if it’s as thick.

You can have 2 ply yarn that’s as thick as garden hose or as thin as a spider web.

Ingrid, you are a fount of knowledge!!! I am on the other hand a yarnoramous (ignoramous :teehee: ).

Seriously, thanks I had no idea what “ply” meant.


Beautiful colors! Love how she includes a nature picture that matches the colors too.

That is some gorgeous yarn. She makes beautiful stuff. Really makes me want to learn how to dye. I wish more yarn came in those sets, I’d love to make sweaters with it.

I e-mailed her thanking her for the yarn. I’m pretty sure she will do custom orders, and she told me that she has a lot of single color wool, and if I need any just to let her know.

Wow that is just beautiful! :heart:

Is the yarn soft? Or is it more appropriate for felting?

The colors are stunning!

Oh wow, all my favorite colors at once!!


Is the yarn soft? Or is it more appropriate for felting?

I think it’s not too scratchy, but i am going to use it to felt. The extra skein she sent me is below…in a really bad I’m pretty sure out of focus picture. Again my camera phone doesn’t do it justice, it is a very pretty camel color.

Yes, is it soft? So far, I can only stand to have baby alpaca next to my skin. I love the colorways she offers! Yours is stunning. Congratulations!