OMG! New cell phones, online registration and security

Good grief, how many PIN numbers do I need? I already did one and they want a second one! I’ll never keep up.

I keep no government secrets-I don’t even know how to send a text message. Just let me get this crazy phone registered so I can pay online.


Double check that they are asking for a secong [B]P[/B]IN and not the phone’s [B]S[/B]IN. If they are asking for the SIN it is usually hidden under the battery.

thanks, but that wasn’t it. i’m going to the store after work and let them walk me thru this maze.


Good luck… I have to write all my passwords, user names, etc down. Don’t forget to write your pin down in case you need it again.

You have my sympathy. I called the cell phone company to get international coverage for while I’m at a conference and the woman asked for PIN’s, passwords, codewords, my birthday, SSN (which I didn’t give them when I opened the acct so she doesn’t even have that!) it was crazy !! I said - WOW, I had no idea that I had any of those things on this account. Her response was that it is for my protection … I can understand my bank wanting 300 ways to identify me when I call, but that’s my money - this is a naked cell phone plan that I haven’t done anything to since the day I opened the acct 6 yrs ago.

Yeah it’s so hard to keep up with all this stuff! And some of the restrictions drive you nuts. We just changed health insurance plans at work this year, and the first time I logged in to their web site I had to set up 3 security questions… two from their list of standard questions and one completely made up.

For one of the standard questions it asked about my first school. But then it wouldn’t take it. Because of a non-alphanumeric character. Namely the period in “St.” Well, that should work out well for them… I mean, how many schools could there be named after St. somebody? :??

Then for the last question, and pardon me if anyone is offended, but I’m just telling it like it is. I put in a question having to do with my pet cockatiels… and it rejected that one on the grounds that the question contained profanity. :zombie:

But the worst part is that after I have to make up all these passwords… and usernames (sometimes I have as hard a time remembering the username as the password)… and secret questions… and PIN codes… and this … and that… and the other… then I have to give them all to my wife or she would not be able to get in to the accounts!!! arrgggh.