OMG! My needle broke!

Okay. I am definitely working my yarn too tight. I was knitting my scarf last night and as I was trying to pull the yarn through, the tip of my plastic needle broke!!! :doh: I couldn’t believe it! Thank goodness it was just the very tip so I could keep working, but GEEZ! Maybe I’ll be looking into metal needles! :shrug:


I’ve never broken the tip of a needle before but I have been working on circulars and broken the area that connects the cable part to the needle. Wehn that happens the live stitches just go flying off!

How are you able to keep knitting it the tip is gone? Just curious

Renee :??

The only needle I broke was a Boye straight, and I wasn’t using it. I knocked it off my desk…I’m not sure if it broke when it hit the floor or when I went to go pick it up. :??

I have warped my bamboo double-pointed needles, though. :teehee:

I’ve never broken a needle…I use metal ones for just that purpose, but I have bent the crap out of them. My sister once broke the chopsticks that she was using as needles though. (I was teaching her and that was all we had)

Hmmm… yeah, you may wanna loosen up your knitting a bit. You don’t have to pull the yarn tight after each stitch… you don’t have to pull it at all actually. The act of knitting the next stitch puts just the right amount of tension on the previous stitch.

I am finally getting over that impulse to pull the yarn tight with each stitch. It really does make the knitting much easier and faster.

Yowsers! I’ve actually never broken a knitting needle before (and I’ve used the acrylic ones in the past), but I have broken a Susan Bates Crystalite (is that the name?) crochet hook. Snapped it right in half.

yeah my first pair of needles were a size 8 and i used them for my first project and all the colored coating on the needle wore off…i think i may have been knitting a little tight :teehee:

I hope this makes you feel a little bit better abouot your broken needle. I pretyt much am addicted to clover needles, they just feel right in my hands. Well, I got a pair of size 11s to make a scarf out of and I ended up sitting on one on my bed and it cracked near the top. I know I weigh at least 145 lbs so I guess that was enough. It’s still usable, just a small crack but breaking a bamboo needle that big around and tough sent my ego tumbling a bit. It also had me doing this :doh:

I’m hell on size 1 wooden dpns. Should keep them stocked up. Fortunately Brittany will replace them for free. Yippee!!

I’ve not broken a knitting needle…yet…but I bit through a sewing needle once! :??

My mom had some really nice wooden DPN’s (They were sock-knitting size, I don’t remember exactly). She dropped one on the couch and I think someone sat on it etc., which snapped it in half!

Oh no! I broke the tip off of my bamboo needles once. Good thing I had another pair in the same size because I was 1/4 of the way through my project when it happened.

However, mine broke when mr. kitty jumped up on my lap and scared me so much that I jumped! LOL In the process, the knitting went flying everywhere and the poor needle got caught in the cross fire (of cat fur, yarn, and very annoyed woman!). :rofl:


My God! Just WHAT do you lot have for dinner every night?

I’m so dainty I make swings in the garden from my Addis.


When I bough size 1 bamboo DPNs, the lady at my yarn store advised me not to buy those and to buy the metal ones…she says she has cracked many bamboo sock needles before! :teehee:

I bought some Boye aluminum size 10 needles to replace the acrylic one I broke and I love, love, love the feel of the aluminum. I find that my knits slide alot easier, too. Now I’m kind of glad the needle broke! :teehee: