Omg, my friend knows Ysolda!

So my friend Sheena came round to see me tonight to help me dye my hair green and purple again, she’s an incredible artisty type but we’ve been friends forever, and she noticed all my dyed yarns everywhere and mentioned that her friend Ysolda dyed yarn too, and then mentioned that she was kinda famous in the knitting world, and said that she’d sent her some of the fingerless gloves. I realised she meant the designer I totally love, with the lace up opera gloves, corset pullover and knitty’s arisaig cardigan, and went all fan-girl about how I knew someone who was friends with Ysolda!

Sheena is even mentioned ( her blog! I was so impressed, and then we started dyeing hair, and my friend Jo came round, saw that I had Ysolda’s page up and went, ‘is that the Ysolda that used to live up here? I know her’ … how did I miss out on all this???

Fan girl thud
Fi xxx


i LOVE her! she’s gorgeous, and so are her knits! :cheering:

[SIZE=“1”]am i the only one who thinks she looks like scarlett johansson?[/SIZE]

How cool! :cheering: I have seen her designs and posts over at Craftster. She is very talented.

I love her designs too. I am about to start the Apocolypse Hoodie.


I agree with the Scarlett Johanssen lookalike - she’s very pretty :slight_smile: (damn her ;-)) She’s very flattered apparently, by the compliments :slight_smile:

she is just a doll! and her designs…swoon! i’d love to meet her and chat her up for awhile. and her flat is just the bee’s knees! i love reading her writing.

she is my knitting heroine.
did you ask your friend to get her autograph? :teehee:

Whoa, those designs are beautiful… lucky friend :achoo: