Omg, look what i saw!

i saw alot of skein of blue yarn for sale at the 99 cent store. yeah, for real! but i’m sooo dumb, i only brought one, i should have brought alot like maybe five because its all gone now… :frowning:

its the thick, one. the worsted type.

next time i wont be this dumb

Oh, it’s happened to us all. It’s tough to come upon something like that on sale when you don’t have a project in mind. And if you’re like I am, you can’t resist the good deal, even if that means only buying one skein. :wink:

ahh thanks for trying to make me feel better. but i’m still slapping myself silly

Yup, we’ve all done it. Grab what’s on sale and then wonder what the heck we’ll do with one or two balls of something. :rollseyes:

I did the same thing. I bought 2 skeins of yarn that was on clearance and spent 10 bucks. Then I decided to make a baby blanket and had to get more yarn. Of course its discontinued so I went to ebay and ended up spending $18 more to be able to finish it. :doh:

Some savings!! And I’m willing to bet it’ll happen again. :rollseyes:

That’s why you now always buy 1000 yards of any yarn you like, right Ingrid? bwahaha.

I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I found some yarn on sale at the dollar store ($1!!!) and bought 3 skeins. I started making a shawl with it and it turned out I could have used another 2 to make a sensational one. :frowning: They didn’t have any when I went back.

[color=blue][/color] whewwwww !!! I thought I was the only one that did that, and tried to cover it up w/ a blanket of many colors… like the coat of many colors? lol Oh well… now I just buy 5 or 6 of everything at least, lol but w/ out fail I’m still either 1 skein short or have 1 left over… it must be that I’ve ticked off the knitting gods or something… oh well… my stash is growing, lol


P.S. now daughter has changed her mind again about what yarn she wants… tell me… when do daughters get easier? mine is 22 and still driving me nuts… :wall: