OMG - Knitted sweater dress!

Today on “The View,” Sherri Shepherd is wearing an adorable mustard-colored sweater dress. :heart: Anyone see this? I would NEVER have thought I could pull off a sweater dress (I’m overweight), but after seeing Sherri in it, I thought it would be a great project to knit. Anyone know of any patterns similiar to what she is wearing? I especially like that is is cabeled with a shawl collar.

Thanks in advance! :notworthy:

Do you have a link to and/or photo of the dress?

Look at the video from The View website for 12/5/07. It was so cute! Here’s a link to the website:

Have you checkedKPC ? They have quite a few knitted dresses in the women’s clothing area. You might find something similar or tweakable.