OMG! I've been knitting wrongly or something

Ok, I knit the continental way and I think I’ve been knitting the hard way or the wrong way for a while… I dont do combined knitting or anything like that. But I actually wrap the yarn around the back of othe right needle and pull through. It seems to produce the same type of stitch, but maybe this is why my gauge is off sometimes? I dont just scoop the yarn…I just cant believe I havent caught on that I’ve been doing it this way. :thinking:

Edit to add: It’s only the knit stitch that I do wrong.

:happydance: my 200th post!

Anyway… I just checked my SnB book and it shows an illustration of how the stitched are supposed to sit on the needles, and I was all wrong! It’s the opposite of how I thought they were supposed to sit, and all of my stitches are twisted on the bottom, so in other words, the stitches on my needles look like a long coil, not a continuous bumpy strand of yarn.

What should I do about my socks? Keep knitting how I’ve been knitting and THEN change to doing it the right way?

man…no wonder I knit so slow continentally.

It entirely depends on if you can ‘live’ with the twisted stitches.

If yes, then keep going…

If not… then frog and start over :smiley:

Some people spend their whole life knitting twisted stitches. My only question about that is if a pattern calls for a twisted stitch, what do they do? I’d finish the sock as you’ve been doing, and then practice doing it the other way, especially if it’s faster and easier.

I just recently found out that I had been wrapping the yarn in the wrong direction around the needle when purling. I wondered why my stitches seemed twisted. OH well. Everything I did looked nice and even so I guess it didnt really matter. Now trying to remember to do it correctly is difficult.

Think of yourself as a rebel! :cheering: :XX:

Well, I tried doing it the right way yesterday on the kitty bed I’m doing, and it’s so much faster and easier. But I may just finish the socks the way I startd them. I dont think this pattern calls for twisted stitches (although in the beginning with the figure eight cast on it said that one row would be twisted and to knit into the back loop…no wonder the toe looks like it still has twisted stitches haha)

It’s just short row shaping, so I’m sure I will be fine. That or I can try knitting the right way for a few stitches and see if it makes a big difference in the appearance of the sock. :XX: I do not want to frog

When I used to throw instead of pick, I always twisted my purls. The stitch looked ok, but it was harder to knit in when doing stockinette stitch. When I learned to pick, my stitch quit being twisted, my stitches became looser and my gauge did improve.

It’s interesting what you learn/notice after you’ve been doing it for a little bit isn’t it?

I had a very similar epiphany this weekend…

I too, do “normal” continental knitting and the way I’ve always done it was more like crochet. I didn’t throw the yarn but I didn’t just pull it through exactly either. (In crochet, rather than “throwing” yarn I kind of draw a circle in the air which then brings the hook (or when I knit, the needle) behind the yarn and then “pull” it through. Then I would push the needle up first and then off…

Well, I discovered my own mistake (yes it works but it was doing a couple of extra movements that I didnt have to do) and now I am conciously working to correct it. For me this means that I’m combining two or three of the steps I have been doing into a single motion.

While I’m in correction mode, I’ve slowed down a little bit but once the muscle memory kicks in… :thumbsup:

OMG!! I can’t even figure it out if I twist my stiches or not… :help:

Take a look at your knit stitch–the loop that’s on the needle. Think of the two sides of the loop as ‘legs’ straddling the needle. The leg in front of the needle should be a little bit forward to the right than the back leg.

That sounds like my problem exactly Joel. It’s just weird because I’ve been knitting for a little over a year. But everything I’ve made looks alright. It just isn’t right.

Thanks Ingrid. I knew that already though :blush: I just had thought for all this time that it was supposed to be the opposite of what it actually is. Once I found out I was wrong, I knew how to correct it. The problem now is that I don’t know whether or not I should switch to knitting correctly in the middle of what I’m working on, or just keep doing it wrongly until it’s finished.

Have to watch the new Knitty Gritty…brb…

Ok I’m back…where was I…Ah, I’m done pretty much. I dont think that it will make much of a difference with what I’m knitting already, but I’ll have to try it out and see. It’s SOO much easier and faster to knit the right way! I can actually get into the stitches… I thought Amy had some tricks up her sleeve, but she actually just know what she’s doing!

Thanks Amy :slight_smile: I’m glad I stayed up late yesterday to make sure the difference between continental and english knitting, otherwise I would not have figured out that I knit wrongly.

If you are indeed doing what I did… you aren’t knitting wrong. Rather you’re just “adding” extra steps (that slow you down) instead and finishing in the new style shouldn’t affect your project. You would just need to slow down a little bit to get used to the new muscle activity.

I like analogies. The best was I can think of to explain the differences of what I was doing vs now is this:

Let’s say you’re in a parking lot and you have to turn to the right to get out of the parking lot. What I was doing before was essentially stopping then turning right then driving out. What I’m doing now is turning right while I’m still driving. The end result was the same but it will take less time once the muscle memory is reset.

oh… I still think I was knitting wrongly. The stiches were all coming out twisted - like a coil instead of a bent peice of yarn on the needles. Just like combined knitting, except that I wouldn’t knit through the back loop. I am going to start knitting the original way tho. The right way to continental :slight_smile: