OMG! I want some!

I saw the crochet hooks they do in the May 05 issue of Crochet! Magazine and had to check it out. I love the needles!! Must. Own. One.

Those are nice. Really pretty! ~Brooke

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL…and I wonder how knitting with glass would be???
but would TOTALLY deplete my knitting budget :frowning:

NMS… too bad I dont know any other knitters. That would be a nice gift.

DH is a Pyrex fanatic, maybe I’ll get him a pen for Christmas.

I would be too scared to use them. What if they break?

:heart: :heart: :heart:
I want, I want…but, could u imagine?! If I had that kind of $, Don’t think I could do it…well, maybe for one pair, like a size 8 or something that is used a bunch!! :thumbsup:

They’re beautiful, but at those prices, imagine how much yarn you could buy!!! :shock:

They all have a lifetime warranty, no questions!

They’re borosilicate glass. It’s what they make Pyrex out of. It can break, it’s just pretty tough to do and knitting isn’t really an activity that would put a lot of stress on them. Also, they only make them in larger sized needles. I wouldn’t cart them around town with me, I suppose. Not a lot of gadgets make me drool, but these needles are one of them.

they are pretty!.. BUT they are CRAZY exspensive… i guess im a cheap person… they could be made of PURE gold and give you an orgasam when you touched them and i STILL wouldnt pay that much for a pair of knitting needles… lol :shock:

They would be so smooth, they would get warm as you worked with them… No way in heaven would I pay that much. The only reason I would consider a pen for DH is because he has worked in glass science. But I just realized that he would get really mad at me for spending that much on a pen instead of a canoe! :lol:

:inlove: OMG, those are enchanting! I absolutely love them. Or did until I gasp :shock: saw the price!! Holy maceral! Geesh, good thing I was already sitting down! Phew, 'scuze me while I fan myself and drink some water for a moment…

They sure are pretty though. :drooling: 'Scuze my while I look again at them and drool out all the water I just drank… (sorry to make such a gross mess, but that’s the price you pay for torturing us with such a thing aliassak!)

Oh no, I can’t believe this. I’m SO not a material gal, but …I’m…getting …weak. Must. Have. Pretty. Needl… amy passes out from inner conflict


Beautiful, but very expensive!!! :inlove:

LOL…this is Amy:

:roflhard: Julie, where on earth did you find that?! LOL. That is SO me right now.

I just emailed the link to DH, merely to share with them how pretty they are, honest. :angelgrin: …hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever dropped a birthday hint ahem 8 months in advance. :thinking: Do you think he’ll pick up on it? :shifty:


Good idea Amy, you’ve given him plenty of time to save up!!

Kelly wearing a huge hoop skirt dress made from green velvet curtains
Ah there any Gentlemen in heyah? Amy has dropped her hankie! Will someone get her a mint julep raht quick?!? OH MAH!!! :shock:

LOL…Amy, I am a board admin on another forum,and I must say I spend more time than I should fulfilling smilie requests. :rollseyes: :mrgreen:

YES you win for funniest emoticon!!! :thumbsup: