OMG I should be over this by now. Adding Stitches

Ok. So here is my pattern. I have been knitting for soon to be 9 years. I should not be making such newbie mistakes. But somehow, every time I finish this row, I end up with 1 extra stitch and there are no increases on this or any other rows. I slowed myself down and watched all my stitches and I still end up with the extra stitch. Anyone have any idea how I’m doing this?:hair:

Cast on 74 stitches

Sl 6 stitches to cn. p1,k3,p1, pull last slipped stitch to the left needle and purl, (p1,k3,p1) from cn, p2, k3, p2 repeat to last 2 stitches p1, k1.

Watch that first purl and make sure that you have the entire stitch included in it. (Purls sometimes show both legs which appears at first glance to be two stitches)

Thats definately not it. I made sure that it wasn’t went I went through on the slow pass to figure out my mistakes.

It will be a pain in the butt to do this, but it will answer your question: After every stitch, count what you have on both needles and see if they add up to 74. You’ll catch it that way.

Thats actually a halfway decent idea. Didn’t think of that.

I figured it out. I wasn’t adding a stitch I was just ignoring instructions. Apparently, the stupid pattern expects me to follow it exactly as it’s written. Stupid pattern. I was ignoring one of the purls in the pattern. However, I don’t really know how, but I was only ignoring it on the first repeat and thenw as doing it right for all the others.

Odd how you end up missing such small things.