OMG, I did it!

Ok, there’s some back-story to this, so bear with me…

A good friend of mine in the crocheting community has some great yarn sources at extremely good prices. I jokingly asked her to hook me up, and she ended up sending me some yummy Stacy Charles color 107 (2 balls). I new as soon as I got the yarn in hand, I knew that it was meant to adorn my feet. It would keep me warm and it wasn’t itchy like some wools. But, it’s a worsted weight yarn, and not really sock yarn. So after some search, I found a pattern booklet titled Knit Socks: Whatever the Yarn! and found a pattern inside that I felt would give this beginner a challenge, but not be too difficult. The yarn that my friend sent me was my inspiration to learn how to knit as I didn’t have enough to crochet a pair of socks (that and I don’t like the looks of most crocheted socks…)

I digress… After taking a long hiatus from the sock that I had cast on, I decided to pick it back up tonight, more confident in my skills with the help of this site (Thank you, Amy!) Before stopping, I had just a few more rows to go before I was ready to turn the heel. I had stopped there because I knew it would be easy to know where I was at in the pattern, and picking up stitches for the gusset royally scared the crap out of me. I’ve watched Amy’s videos on this time and time again, and decided that tonight was do or die. And after fighting with some rather tight stitches, I was able to do it. I’m now well on my way into the foot of the sock!


I would have a pic of my progress, but I don’t do pics of WIPs because I have this weird thing about it jinxing my projects. However, once one sock is done, I’d be more than happy to share my very first sock! :XX:

Good Job. I can’t wait to see it. I’m scared to knit socks. One day…~Brooke

Congratulations on taking the plunge with the sock!
Did everybody reading this thread click on the yarn link up there? Wowie, great yarn prices at that site!

woo hoo! Can’t wait to see them.

Good job! Can’t wait to see!!!

Congratulations. I don’t know why, but that first pair of socks I knit a couple of months ago was just the most satisfying thing ever!
It’s so coooool isn’t it?

Brook… don’t be scared, if I could do i t you can do it… I would suggest using thicker yarn and at least size 3 needles so you’re not working in too thin/fine work.

Amy’s videos really help. My Sock book was good too.

I’m going to try this tip however next pair: get two sets of dpns (same size) and knit the two socks at the same time. I was really confused by that at first, some people actually (Amy may be one) knit two sicks on two circulars but that is like WHAT???

But I like this idea, if you knit the first part of one sock, then the other, then the heel flap, then the other, etc etc. you don’t forget how to do the hard parts by the time you get to the other sock, and they both get done at the same time.

Forgot where I read that but I think it’s neat.

I read about doing 2 socks on circs as well, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. That will be much later as I already have commitments to knit other items first.

Congratulations on socks though. I’m almost finished my first one too :thumbsup: