OMG--I did it! First ever FO!

Well, here it is. I used Opal sock yarn from Kemp’s shop (thanks Kemp :muah: ) along with Silver’s sock tutorial (thanks Silver :muah: ), and learned a few things along the way–how to work with DPN’s, how to pick up dropped stitches (and calm down from seeing them!), how to do the Kitchener stitch. All in all, it was a great learning experiencing. The sock fits great, I’m a size 10 and used the large size and made the gusset 7.5 in. It’s not perfect, but I made it, and I can’t believe it! Now on to the next project (I’ll have plenty of time to get the second one done before winter!), I’m loving this knitting hobby.

I’ve spent more time trying to figure out how to post the pic I think. I’ve tried 3 times. Someone help me please! I think I’ve followed all the rules about how to do it and sizewise.

Great job!!! :cheering: :cheering:

Your sock is beautiful! :cheering: I knew that you could graduate from swatches :thumbsup:
I couldn’t get it to link either so I put it on mine and attched it.

So. Hows Cleo coming along? :teehee:

Thanks, Sandra, for doing that!!

Uhhhhhhhh, haven’t begun Cleo! Up next–I’m on vaca next week–so I may be getting started on it, or leave it till later since I won’t be able to wear it before the cold weather sets in anyway. I’m thinking of trying the fetching gloves, I’ve got some really cool yarn, and I love the look of them. Hoping to get some knitting done on my Keith Urban road trip!!

Awesome sock there! :happydance:

WTG, nice sock!!

YAY!!! Congratulations, it looks perfect!!

Excellent! WTG!

Well done! I just love that Opal sock yarn!! :smiley:

That’s so pretty! Love the yarns!

It looks fantastic! WTG!