OMG! How cool is this?! UPDATE

Hopefully they’ll eventually have more info and patterns, but it sounds cool!

Looks like a great idea, if they’d sell the SOFTWARE, but they’re just selling patterns, and only a few at that.
Cool, though!

:yay::yay::yay: That is very cool…

Could you imagine having something like that at home in which you could enter any pattern and your measurements and ‘see’ what it would look like and the correct measurements?

Wow, I think that is very cool! I guess the success of it will really depend on how many patterns they offer though. I’d be more than willing to try, but again, it’ll have to be the patterns that sell me.

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]That sounds wonderful!!![/COLOR][/B]

That is wonderful!!! :woot:

very cool!

yup, most cool.

Wow! $13 for a pattern though. I would have to REALLY like the pattern. I mean I will hardly even pay $13 for a book unless there are several patterns that I like in it.

Cool idea. I’d like to have a piece of software that would do that. Not sure I’d pay that much for their patterns, but I’d buy the software.

Ok, maybe I’m thinking wrong… but my logics tell me the pattern is the software.
I mean, to me it all sounds like a microsoft excel sheet gone horribly right… they make up the meassurements of the pattern, write down what inches are needed for each size and put in gauge and all… and voila it’s counted out. The neat thing in my opinion is how they incorporate this with the text, cuz that would be the tricky part…

It is some kind of software, but at this time it’s only offered in conjunction with specific patterns. Maybe someday it will offered as a stand alone.

I would be willing to pay $13 if a pattern could be used many times and it was one I liked a lot. If this works like it says it does you could use it to make several sweaters…one in bulky, one in DK etc for a whole new look. So IMO it would be worth it IF I like the pattern. I’m sure more will come. :thumbsup:

I once bought a pattern made for me by a YD who used this or similar software. She used my measurements, but I think it must have been unisex. I have a 48inch “chest” measurement, but obviously…it is not distributed evenly around my body! So it gave me 48 inches, but half of it is in the back while I need most of it out front; it also gave me arms of incredible circumference to go with the chest, which is what you would expect in a MAN.

Make sure the software gives different patterns for the same “chest” depending on the intended wearer’s GENDER.

:muah:What a fantastic idea! I actually have a book that lists how to make sweaters in all different gauges. You decide on the sweater and what gauge you want, then follow the chart and voila! I guess this is the point and click version of the same idea. Very cool.

Right now it’s based on a single pattern so that probably isn’t an issue, but I can see how that could be a problem with a generic software program.

This company also has a sweater wizard and you can input more variables, plus tell it whether the sweater is man/woman etc.

:passedout:I wish I was smart enough to come up with the software for that. think of the $!maybe one of those smartees over at ravelry will come up with something like this! I am always trying to search for patterns by specific yarn weight, that would be nice too.

One cool thing about Ravelry is that you can search by yarn as well. So if you have a bunch of Knitpicks Shine you can see what other people have made with it. It’s not quite the same as what you said, but it is very helpful! :hug:

I got an email from them today… you can order a free interactive scarf pattern to test! It says it’s a demo, but… I ordered it to test.