OMG Heath Ledger is dead!

Holy cow!!!

This is a shocker!

I just saw that on the news. How sad.

:waah: I heard about it too. How sad.

[SIZE=1]btw, be careful if you check his wikipedia entry. As soon as I heard I checked it, it had already been edited and was “appropriate”. Then I refreshed my window and… well… unappropriate pictures appeared. Idiots. :roll: I’m sure they’ll fix it soon though.[/SIZE]

Whoa…I just read this!! how very sad!

Holy shit - I just read it too - I thought the thread was going to be some kind of joke… but the poor guy.

Bloody hell :frowning:

It’s such a shame, especially because he had a child.

As for the idiots who edited his wikipedia page…I just don’t get it. They’ve now locked the page from editing.

He was only 28 too. So very sad to see a young person lose their life.

I am just stunned and shocked. I can’t believe it. His poor little girl. I just watched 10 Things I Hate About You the other day. He was so young and had so much ahead of him.

I heard that today on talk radio on the way home. My first thought was of his little girl… I think she is only two or three.

I didn’t believe it until I saw it on the news! Poor little girl, she’s so young.

Here’s the link to the story.

Sad, but not surprising these days.

Sure did like A Knight’s Tale.

Awful :pout:

Don’t get me wrong, it is horribly sad…but on the other hand, I get the same kind of feeling I did when John Belushi OD’d. I wanted to grab him by the shirt, shake him, and scream “what the he** are you doing? You’ve got everything - people who really, truly, love you, money to be comfortable and not have to worry about where your next house payment is coming from, the ability to pick and choose what film you want to do…and you pi** your life away on drugs?” It’s just such a stupid, stupid, waste…

We don’t know the total circumstances yet. But either way, very sad to see a young man in his prime fall. May God watch over those who are left behind, especially the little child.

It really goes to show you that money (and fame) do not buy happiness. I saw an interview with Tom Brady, I think, on 60 minutes. He talked about this. He said that sure, you win a Super Bowl, but then what. Something is missing in these people’s lives. I’d take a wager it’s nothing material. :thumbsup:

So…one more family to pray for…

I couldn’t believe it myself. My jaw dropped when I heard it. So sad. I agree auburnchick, it really does show you money doesn’t buy happiness. Clearly he was very unhappy. Maybe it was his failed marriage? Who knows, the point is that it’s very sad and unfortunate that he wasn’t able to get the help he needed.

:cry: :cry: :cry: sad, sad, sad…

Money can buy you homes, cars, food, pay bills, cloth you in style, all the comforts of a “fortunate” lifestyle, but it can’t make you happy inside yourself. Only YOU can make yourself happy inside, and sometimes that takes getting the help you need to sort out what it is that makes you unhappy. It seems a shame when this man had all the comforts life could afford him, aned all the talent to just keep getting more and more fame and fortune, that he was unhappy within himself and could not get the help he needed to correct that. His great talent will be missed.

:pray: for his daughter. She won’t feel the affects of this until she is a bit older, but she WILL feel them, the poor dear child.

damn, I thought this was a joke thread too.
Hopefully it was accidental.

So extremely sad. I LOVE A Knight’s Tale, it’s one of my all time favorite movies.

Sleep Deprivation is a horrible thing. I think it was just an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.