OMG! Headplay Personal Cinema looks COOL

Has anyone else heard of Headplay Personal Cinema? It looks so cool!

You wear a headset, and can hook it up to a computer or Xbox or Wii or TV or iPod or another MP3 player. You can watch movies or play video games or listen to music in your own little world.

They say it looks like you have a 52 inch screen right in front of you.

It would probably overwhelm my senses, but I know my hubby would love it.

The unit costs about 500 dollars, so it ain’t cheap.

that’s soo cool!!!:drool::thud::inlove:

I’m amazed by it, REALLY. I’m thinking that it would be so awesome…kinda like the difference you get listening to music with headphones instead of a stereo…but with VIDEO too! :shock:

Did you watch any of the videos they posted on that site?

The idea has taken various forms since the mid 90’s, and most of the models that have appeared on the market tend to be too expensive. But, I have to admit, the idea IS cool.

I hope this one sticks, so I can eventually afford it. :teehee:

I always use older technology, because I wait for the price to come down.

For instance, my PDA is a Sony Clie. Originally it was about 200 dollars, but I got mine several years after it was released, and it only cost about 40 bucks. I also got the little camera that hooks up to it for 12 bucks. It was originally over 100. So, my little 300 dollar PDA only cost me 52 dollars.

Hopefully, if I’m patient, I’ll be able to get a Headplay system for about 100 in say maybe 3 years. :roflhard: