Omg, handpainted yarns

I just got my yan from today and omg, it is so freaking fabulous I can barely contain myself. No one around here understands…

(me, to my five year old: “do you like my yarn?” 5yo: “um, yeah.” me: “isn’t it fabulous???” 5: “um, yeah, can you make me a peanut better sandwich?” me: “yes, but DON’T YOU LOVE MY YARN???”)


:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I understand completely! :rollseyes: :rollseyes:

LOL No, a 5 yr old wouldn’t understand it. It’s beautiful!

Isnt their stuff fabulous? I bought 3 kinds of yarn, just to see what I like, and definitely had a favorite which I will buy again…the pure merino bulky. The handspun bulky is a second place winner, still very nice, and the superbulky merino is great for hats and stuff, but I doubt I will buy again.

I guess my kids are weird. Alex {the 3½ yo} will pet yarn with me at the LYS; Lissa {the 2 yo} says everything I make is “cute”; and my older girls {9 & 10} love the pretty colours of the yarns, and complain when the hank they’re holding for me to wind into balls is too scratchy!

That is so funny–my 3 yr. old likes yarn too–when I’m knitting, she has to have a piece of whatever I am working with (so I’ve learned to cut off a piece and set it aside…it’s hard to explain to a 3 yr. old why you can’t just give her a piece when you’re in the middle of knitting something)! Usually she runs around the house with it trailing behind her like streamers–it was one of the ways I worked on her colors back when she was learning them–it’s still a good way to show her unusual colors (lavender, taupe, etc.).

The handpainted yarns look great in the pic so I’m sure they are fabulous–I’ve been curious about them, it’s nice to know that people like them so much! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


It’s lovely :inlove: I made a sweater with it last year…it’s like wearing butter. The colors you chose are beautiful :thumbsup:

Oh, Baby, Baby…that’s some yummy yarn :heart:

thats sooooo pretty! I want to steal it… [size=2]did I just say that? [/size] :oo:

Oh…just what I need, another website to tempt me to spend money on yarn! :cheering: It’s very very pretty!

Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhh!!! It is gorgeous.

Gotta start the training with the 5 yo…imperitive that yarn is considered much more fabulous than PB&J :roflhard: