OMG...forgot to tell

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I’m so EXCITED…I forgot to tell!! I was up in the middle of the night hurting (bc of my disability) and unable to sleep…soooo…I went to one of my favorite sites… (tell them i sent u, should u decide to join…don’t know…perhaps i get their 1st born or something…NO NO NO…couldn’t have that…all my kids are no longer living at home…lol…but i miss them…and yes…i DO digress!!)
Oh…what was my point :thinking: :?? …I remember…I ordered 3 sensational books!!! (to add to my ever increasing knitting library… :drool: )!! DRum roll… “Loop D Loop” which has very, very cool stuff…go look at the site or on…u will love. Selection #2: Family Circle Plus Size Knits…very, very cute things (I looked at some of the inside pages on the knitpicks website!)…and, lets face it…my girly figure is no longer, what shall I say…girlie?!
#3: Knitters Bible!! I also looked inside at!! I got a great deal…free shipping…and buy one, get 1 1/2 off.
For real, all kidding aside…if u love knitting (or craft in general) books…and u haven’t done it…might I suggest ordering from them…setting up an acct. is something like $1 a book plus s/h or something like that!
I have many, many books and get many, many ideas from them…since I can’t always get out to the bookstore or my LYS crafterchoice and amazon (and ebay) help support my knitting book habit!
Yes, I’m an addict with several vices…not just the knitting, but the books, the gadgets, the yarn…EVERYTHING…gotta have it…i NEED my knitting fix…and very often… :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:
Thank u all for tolerating my silliness…somehow I feel at home and very welcome here!! That means alot!

fyi…typo…the deal was buy one book and get all others 1/2 off publishers price…still a good deal!!

Sounds great! I’ll have to check those sites out.

I must confess I do not own one knitting book yet :frowning: Sad, huh? lol I’m a broke knitter but hopefully over the summer I’ll get some. Plus, my birthday is in July so I’ll have to drop major hints to my family :slight_smile:

I did my taxes the other night…and calculated how much knitting crap I could buy with the nice refund I’m getting. But no…I must save it. Ugh…lol.

:thumbsup: Sounds like some worthy shopping!

I’m addicted to, love their own natural fibers (and PRICES!), and I’ve been going to town there this past couple months, getting stuff I need, (and stuff I don’t really need :blush:), INCLUDING the Stitch N’ Bitch book, which I’ve borrowed from the library in the past, but just had to own, since everyone’s always talking about the patterns, etc., I consider it an importand KH reference book, yeah that’s it. :wink:

Jivewhistle, do you have an inter-library loan system in your area? I’ve found I can get almost any knitting book I want through my system! You could try that…


I, too, am addicted to…I’m there EVERY DAY…can u believe?! I go and make lists of things I need…things I HAVE TO HAVE, etc, etc!! All joking aside…their yarns are yummy and very reasonably priced!! I am working on an afghan now with their (cream colored) wool of the andes; have the yarn ‘fern’ in waiting for the next afghan in my living room; and then this luscious maple syrup brown for yet another afghan…and I have oodles of pink dk merino to make the scarf ‘ruffles’ in scarf style, and with that the hat and either mittens or cool long wrist warmers…that’s just a bit of my knitpicks stash…lol…all because I LOVE IT!! And now they have this new cotton out and I can’t decide exactly what to make with cotton…any suggestions?!!


I was soooooo ready to join crafters choice after reading your post. I picked all my books etc, but then I read the membership agreement…catalog every 3 weeks and you have to respond by a certain date to avoid them just sending the editors choice…I just couldn’t do it. I know myself and I am sure I would forget and end up with books I didn’t want! I just can’t be responsible enough :slight_smile: in that situation.

Would love to get knitters bible though…maybe I’ll check

I have known about Knitpicks sister business, Artist Club for years, as I used to tole paint. Their warehouse is down by the Oregon border and I stop in on my way back from my daughters house. They also have a quilting business too. Anyway, this past time I was so excited and was so looking forward to all the knitting stuff I was going to see! Well, as luck would have it, they don’t have that part set up for a storefront business yet like they do the others since it is still so new. And wouldn’t you know, they were having a warehouse sale there for the knitting part the next week! I was tempted to go back, but didn’t. Another time.


Now, that’s a temptation that would be hard to pass up…I’d REALLY have to consider that trip for the sale at my (one of) fave place…knitpicks is the bomb!!
I thought the same thing about the editor’s choice each month…just knew I’d end up with a book on building a shoe out of tree bark or something…bc I DON’T do snail mail very well!! BUT…u either choose or choose not to get the editor’s choice online…which is what I do…very successfully…so far I’ve just gotten the books that I wanted!! I just ordered the Knitter’s Bible…can’t wait…plus size sweaters or knitting or something, I forget the exact title (glad they had it bc I’m not a skinny girl…looks like all of the models in knitting books are!!) and the book I’m really excited about it loop-d-loop…give it a look!! It’s on and it has its own website…loopdloop i think is what it’s called…duh!! :doh: