Hello there! So happy I came across this forum!
I am a beginner knitter and very, very enthusiastic about knitting! :heartpulse:
Anyways, my niece requested a very specific hat that has an ombre effect from black to white and a short transition in between… I found that the Lion Brand Scarfie yarn could be a good option and I would have to manage the colors to make the transition as desired, but the solid colors are not long enough so I could carry one of them all the way to the top of the hat…
I thought that I could find a solid matching color yarn for one of the color from the scarfie yarn, but I couldn’t… At least not in store. I also couldn’t find on the Lion Brand’s website a way to filter my search by composition of the yarn… As a beginner my intuition says (please correct me if I am wrong) that if I will combine two different yarns I not only have to match its weight but also the material… The scarfie yarn is 78% acrilic and 22% wool.
Please could you give me some enlightenment?
Thank you so very much!

Welcome to KH and to knitting!

Yes, it would be important to match the yarn weight and at least come close on the fiber blend. Scarfie is mostly acrylic so that should give you a range of choices.
It may not be so easy to find two yarns that will give you a bulky or chunky weight but here are some substitutes for Scarfie that will come close as a single strand match.

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