Omazing Grace

Lyrics? We don’t need no steenking lyrics.


[SIZE=1]Surely you’ve all seen this by now? Others have posted it in the other two forums that I frequent.

That was o-mazing. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:


Thank goodness God judges the heart and not the outward appearances…

That is my absolute favorite hymn. Now I won’t be able to listen to or sing it without cracking up!!

:shock: [B][COLOR=yellowgreen]wellllllllllll …[/COLOR][/B]

[SIZE=-1]Psalms 98:4 [B]Make a joyful noise unto the LORD[/B], all the earth: [B]make[/B] a loud [B]noise[/B], and rejoice, and sing praise. [/SIZE]

[COLOR=yellowgreen][B]Nuthin’ there about makin’ a BEAUTIFUL noise… wow![/B][/COLOR] :teehee:

I wonder if he realized he did not know all the words before he got up there or if he figured it out after the first verse.:roflhard:


Oh my… that made my dog howl…:rofling:

That is so funny :slight_smile: But I think when you don’t know the words you are supposed to [U]JUST MOUTH[/U] … watermelon, watermelon, watermelon … ( it really works) that way no one will know that you don’t know the words… I guess that doesn’t work when you are the song leader !!!

I’d forgotten about the watermelon trick! :rofl: