Olympics Opening Ceremony US Sweaters

I saw so many beautiful knit items during the opening ceremony tonight, and have fallen in love with the sweater that the US team wore. Does anyone know if a pattern has been released?

The sweater pictured here?

I think she means the chunky white turtleneck sweater (which is on sale at the Ralph Lauren Polo site for $425.00). The red and blue cardigan sweaters are apparently going to be worn by the US team at the closing ceremonies.


Not yet I bet in a week or so you will be able to find the pattern :thumbsup:

Esp. since the hat pattern is available that they wore…:teehee:

Yes, the big chunky cabled one. It looked so warm! After a winter like we are having in Iowa, I need more warm sweaters! I’ll wait and see if one comes out. I surely don’t want to spend that kind of money to buy a Polo one.

I loved the knitted hats. :woohoo:

The hats did rock! So many ideas, not enough time or yarn! I feel a trip to my lys is in order!