Olympic closing ceremony

Did anybody see it? it was rely quite fun. They did the whole hand-over to London things and the British Olympic Committe did a short performace to give a tatser of what was in store for 2012.

I love that one of the things that represents Britain is Jimmy Page on top of a bus!! no chiors of childeren for us, just some good old fashioned rock!:cheering:

It hasn’t aired here yet but it will tonight, I’ll be watching. I’ve watched the olympics every night and have enjoyed them. I’ll miss them next week when I have to go back to watching the usual programs that are on.

I’m on the US East Coast so it hasn’t aired. I want to see them too.
The only thing I have watched is the opening ceremony and hopefully the closing.

but I could not convince my kids to watch


Just watched it here in US. That’s what I think of when thinking of London. Hey, Rock On!!!:woohoo:

I [B]want[/B] one of those lighted bicycle things!!!:cool:

Nope, I didn’t watch it…actually, I fell asleep during the opening ceremonies, too. (We’d been to a family reunion that day, and after getting up early to prepare something and being on the road as well as the rush to visit with everyone - well, I guess I just came home and crashed)
Anyway, I had no plans to watch the closing ceremony after reading the article on what the performers in the opening ceremony went through. I couldn’t bear to watch the closing ceremonies knowing those people most likely suffered the same way.
I’m sure they were spectacular, but personally I couldn’t enjoy it after seeing in print what went on. JMHO, and is no reflection on anyone else’s choice as to watch/not to watch.

I watched it. I think my favorite part was when the athletes went into the stadium, able to intermingle with the other countries. It was a reminder of what the games are all about…good will and a celebration of talent and hard work.

I love the Olympics, but I’m kind of glad they are over. I won’t be tempted to stay up late each night. Hopefully, I’ll get a full-night’s sleep each night. :teehee:

What did they go through in the opening ceremonies? I didn’t hear about it.

Those poor people were worked under the most inhumane condidtions I’ve ever heard of! Hours and hours in the sun, rain, lightning; very few breaks; people having to wear adult diapers so they could continue the practices without having people be excused to use a proper restroom; one young woman who slipped on a wet surface and is now paralyzed from the waist down…it was horrific, IMHO.
I think the article was something about “one more thing that wasn’t quite right with the opening ceremonies…along with the fake fireworks and the little girl who sang but wasn’t allowed on camera because she wasn’t pretty enough so they had an attractive child do the lip-syncing”.

What’s wrong with people. That is a different world to me.

Do you have the source of that article, I’d like to read it. I googled “mistreated Chinese Olympic workers” and “Olympic workers” and couldn’t find an article like that. I did find a few stating that six had died in the years of building the venues and that some factory workers that made some of the souvenirs had problems but nothing on the volunteers that helped during the games or during the opening ceremony.

I can’t find the original story, but do remember it was on Yahoo. However, I did find this one - it outlines some of the same things but doesn’t have the extra details the Yahoo! story did.
It’s a Norwegian newspaper, so it appears that it wasn’t just the US who had problems with it.