Olive Cardigan

I spotted this pattern from Phildar magazine and I just love it… I altered the pattern a bit. I make them into shorter sleeves and I changed the button band as well. End up, its a nice knitwear that I will definitely wear very often! :inlove:

I always love Green color. The yarn I used are Rowan cashsoft DK.

How cute and I love that color.

That is very pretty!

Very nice and a great fit.

That is so pretty!! I love the color, too :thumbsup:

Wow, that’s gorgeous! And it fits you perfectly. Great color, too.

Now this is adorable. I love green’s and browns. Very nice work!:yay:

That looks great!

Gorgeous, you did a beautiful job!


Beautiful! Wow!

Beautiful :slight_smile:

It turned out wonderful!! Love the color too - it’s one of my faves.

Beautiful and it fits you so nicely!

:yay: it looks wonderful!!

Very pretty, and it has such a nice texture.

Beautiful knitting and beautiful color!!

Absolutely gorgeous! Haha I wish I could pull off wearing something like this. Great job.

That’s beautiful and looks great on you.


What a great piece of knitting! I :heart: it!

Really nice knitting!