Oliva :)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Here are a few pics of my friends little baby girl Olivia. I made her lots of knitted clothes and her mum has forwarded me these pics. So i thought i would share them with you . Isn’t she a cutie :slight_smile:
I get a very happy feeling when i see my knitting projects actually being used . :yay:

Aaww, so cute!!! I wish every person we knit something for would send us a picture like this, just to make us, knitters, feel good!

I agree . It is a rare thing and i can honestly say that i had a tear in my eye.:slight_smile:

Precious!! How thoughtful of themn to send pics!!

Aww them clothes are lovely you must be very proud. And the little one is cute too!

:inlove: how cute!! You did a great job

She is beautiful! And she looks adorable in your knit items!

Hi Sis:D

Well i have managed to come on here . Lets see how the broadband lasts for .
The baby looks great in all of it . I remember you sent baby Maria a couple of those wraps . They looked lovely on her too. x x x

how sweet!! :inlove: So good to see how useful and appreciated our knitted items are. They all look adorable and Olivia is just precious.

Awww so cute! That’s nice of her to do that!

LOL You need to move back here to London , where the broadband works for most of the week lol:roflhard:
Glad you liked the photos. :slight_smile:

Just adorable! Thanks for sharing your work and your friends with us!!

Thanks everyone . :slight_smile: It just feels so nice to have some appreciation and looking at that little one in her finery makes it all worth while:)

What an adorable baby! And your knitting looks adorable on her, good work!

A very cute baby Rita and so nice to see her wearing the things you made for her. Everything looks great, I especially love the wrap sweater.

Hi Ben 10.

Just too too cute! Babies look so nice in hand made things don’t they.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Now that’s what I call a cutie!
The things you knit for her are just wonderful. She looks so comfy.
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

How nice of her to send pictures and actually use the beautiful things you knit her:hug::woohoo:Your work is gorgeous as usual:teehee:

How adorable!! She looks even lovelier in her hand knit goodies :slight_smile:

I love the first picture. The little baby looks so well taken care of in her warm leggings and hand crafted hat, sweater, and booties. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Nice work on the knitted giflts.