Older abbrevations

I’m starting a baby sweater from a book of patterns that belonged to my Grandmother. W1.fwd is the verbage. I don’t know what it means and it is not listed in the abbrevation list. Can someone help please?

can you type out the whole line?

Could mean “with one forward” so mean 1 Yarn Over.

K14, W1.fwd, K1, W1.fwd, K11, W1.fwd, K1, W1,fwd, K20 etc
I never saw this before, I thought perhaps just yarn forward and continue to make a space, but thought I should check before.

The W1.fwd made me think I should add the stitch as an easy cast on stitch. The W meaning work.

I would contact www.ivarose.com. She specializes in selling old knitting books and would probably know. Is there a photo of the pattern? If so, and it looks like bands of lace or open work, then the Yarn Over explanation sounds right-- as in Wind One Forward, which is like the British version of Yarn Over, which is Wind Yarn Forward.

It is the British verbage for yarn over. Thanks all

That’s an L not a 1 - in some typestyles and older typewriters they look the same. So that would be ‘wool forward’ or yarn forward which is the same as a yarnover.