Old Workbasket Magazine Knitting Pattern

Back in the 1970s I had a knitted afghan pattern from Workbasket Magazine. You knitteed diagonal stripes by casting on, I believe 20 stitches, knitting in stockinette stitch for a number of rows, I don’t remember the number but you wanted about two inches. Ending on a knit row you bound off the first 10 stitches, knitted the next 10 and then cast on 10 new stitches, knitting these stitches for the same number of rows. You continued this way until you had a strip of rectangles that would be run from the upper left to the lower right corners.

You knitted the same number of strips in two colors, put them together and finished with a crocheted edge.

I knitted several of these afghans but have long since lost the pattern. Does anyone recognize this and maybe have the directions.

I can probably figureit all out with some experimentation, but it would certainly be easier if I had the directions. This is an easy, very portable project.

You might find it as a zig zag pattern. I know there’s a scarf pattern or three worked like this.

I think you probably could do it from the directions you remember. This site has many Workbasket magazines and perhaps the one you’re looking for. Good luck in your search!