Old navy scarf - a tiny rant

I was just at Old Navy’s site checking out their fair isle collecion and came across a cute scarf. Here is the description:

[FONT=Courier New][B]Extra-chunky yarn gives this scarf a handmade look, but the intricate cabled patterns go way beyond “knit one, pearl two.” Each corner has the added bonus of a fluffy pom-pom.[/B][/FONT]
This really annoyed me! First, they spelled “purl” wrong, second, what’s wrong with “knit one, purl two”? :tap: I guess I felt like they were putting down hand knit stuff. Am I being over sensitive or does anyone else see what I see?

Thanks for listening to my tiny rant.:aww:

Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. Even if you like k1p2 it IS only basics and they are just pointing out that there is a lot more detailed stitches.

They do need a knitting editor though. :roll:

True. I don’t know why I was so annoyed. :aww: I even like the scarf! Good point about the knitting editor, though.

It didn’t annoy me… I was confused. Unless they came up with something I’ve never heard of, isn’t cabling just knits and purls?

I like hand made better and I like flaws. They are just trying to sell scarves, and how many people even know what purl is?

I used to get annoyed with people who spelled purl' aspearl’. Then I saw a copy of a page from an old (very old) knitting book that talked about knit sts and pearl stitches. And when you think about it, the purl sts do look a little like pearls… I wonder when the spelling changed.

Pearl is an alternative but now old-fashioned spelling. I don’t think saying that a scarf is not k1 p2 insults k1p2 scarves or ribbing. I have many items that contain more than just cashmere. Saying so does not disparage cashmere. And they specifically advertised the handmadeness of the item.

whats funny, is that the cables are barely visible. it’s more a lace scarf :

Nice scarf… except for the pompoms.

I had a scarf I was making and put pom poms on it, and I hated it. Martha Stewart has a throw blanket with pom poms I like, It’s on the Macy’s website

I don’t particularly like pompoms on anything!

We get two pearls with it?!? Sweet :teehee:

What a pretty scarf, I think the pom-poms really ruin it. Does anyone recognise the stitch pattern, I haven’t seen it in any of my stitchionaries before?

It looks a little like the horseshoe pattern only with some purl sts on the RS.

Yeah, I’m not sure how much of a draw the pompoms are. I do have one cable scarf that was a gift (came from Bath and Body Works last holiday season with some smelly stuff stuffed in the pockets of the scarf) and it has pompoms, but it carries them off well. These pompoms are lacking something or are just on the wrong scarf. If someone were to give me the scarf I’d probably cut the pompoms off.

I agree that is too much pom pom. could you imagine trying to tuck those under your winter coat?

ugh. pom poms. barf.

Those pompoms make me nauseous. It’s funny that they say it’s beyong knit and purl (pearl) because those are the only two stitches in knitting anyways. Everything else is a variation on that, right? Oh well, they probably didn’t expect a bunch of knitters in a forum to criticize their description that they thought was so clever!

Most stitches are based on variations… I think that is an oversimplification. Complicated lace for example requires a whole different set of skills and can be very difficult even for someone who is extremely knowledgeable about k and ps. I don’t think it’s incorrect to say that lace/cable combinations like this one go beyond knits and purls. I could equally well say that there is only 1 stitch and it can be made from one side or the other. I really like the stitch pattern though…

(i like the lace pattrn too) did anyone else notice tat the ‘cable’ scarf is being sold for 20, and the fair isle for 16(well, 12 now its on sale)

i’d buy this, but i’d have to remove the pom poms and put some fringe on instead :wink: