Old FOS to share

I was just thinking of when I first started knitting and I wanted to share some old FOs
My very first knit project cica 1994 I think. I made this blanket for the back of my parents’ couch. Here they are with it. There was no pattern just knit and purl with a few yos to put a ribbon through and then seamed up the seperate colored sections.

Then I made a sweater for my then fiance now DH. That took me until 1995. The pattern was from Jakobsdals Bonnie

I made a little onesie for me God daughter in 1996. The pattern was from Katia BeBe. The picture makes it look blue but it was actually that stereotypical baby yarn with pinks and blues throughout

I made my Mom this sweater vest in 1997 and she had gained weight so by the tiem i finished it it was small on her as you can see in the picture. I do not think she has ever even worn it. The pattern for that was from Patons Best Ever Vests called “coulourful stripes”

I also knit hats for my neices that Christmas from Patons Where Did You Get That Hat! called “A Touch of Aran”

So that was the beginning of my knitting adventure. I’ll add more old FOs some time but once I had kids no pictures are in albums. LOL

Those are all very nice FO’s. Your Mom looks so happy in the sweater vest I’d not have even thought about it not fitting her.

That little onsey would keep any baby very warm. Is it still in use somewhere? I crocheted some things for a friend when she had her baby that her daughter used on her son. These things can last!

Very nice! They all look fabulous!

Very nice. I love the onesie.


Very nice , Thank you for sharing your pics . It is great to see everyone wearing everything you have made:)

They are all great projects. you would never have thought that they were made by a beginner knitter. brilliant work.

Awesome “first” projects! All my first projects were scarves and dishcloths!

Thanks, you know what is funny is I was way braver back then and now I only do scarves and dishclothes. LOL I am getting brave again though, I just needed to remind myself of what I once did ykwim? I think that the DH not liking sweaters and my Mom’s not fitting put me off of big projects. It was so much work to be stuck on a shelf.

I’ll bet your mom was sick about not being able to fit in the vest, I would have been. The sweater you made your husband is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

That’s exactly what scares me about doing a project that has to fit! All that work! But then I see these awesome cardigans and tops on here and it makes me want to do it anyway. I guess one day I’ll run out of scarves and dishcloths I want to make and finally try a piece of clothing. My next project is learning socks. :slight_smile: