Old design from the 90s

Hi, these jumpers were created for my twin nieces back in the 90s. I wonder if anyone knows how they were made and also what would be the best way the have them replicated toady (for now two adults!). Thanks in advance

They look like raglan sleeves, round neck jumpers - I think if you could find a similar, adult sized pattern, you could write the names on graph paper (best to print out some knitters graph paper, calibrated to your gauge) and follow that when you come to the position you want to add the motif (or Swiss darn it on after finishing the jumper).

What a cute picture. I love how the lettering is quite blocky, it reminds me of Cefax and space invaders!

There are lots of basic round neck knitting patterns. I think if I was tackling it I would use duplicate stitch (Swiss darning that shintoga suggested).

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Many thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated!