Old Concert T's

Hey there

I have a handful of old tshirts. Mostly from either concerts or shows (Phantom, Miss Saigon etc) that I will NEVER wear, and probably never have worn.

I don’t want then cluttering my closet, but I don’t exactly want to get rid of them…they are still a memory…

Any crafty ppl out there have any suggestions?

One of my girlfriends made a quilt for her son from his old marathon t shirts. It wasn’t real intricate, she basically cut a large square with the graphics and I believe interspersed it with squares of plain fabric.

I had posted this link in the environmental sticky and noticed that panchita said she overlapped the front and back to form a double-layered bottom


I don’t have any good advice about what to make, but from experience all I’ll say is, make sure you [I]really[/I] want to get rid of a t-shirt before you do it! That t-shirt I got at the Led Zep concert in 1977? I was kicking myself for getting rid of it only a few short years after I did so - luckily it became very “in” a few years ago and I got a replacement for it, but it’s not the one I bought at Madison Square Garden when I was 14!

One of my girlfriends made a quilt for her son from his old marathon t shirts.
I should tell my mother about this - my father took up running about 3 or 4 years ago and now has a closet absolutely stuffed to the gills with race t-shirts that he never wears! Good idea!

Ha…I don’t know if Bette Midler will ever be in…or if she even ever way! smiles

I have mostly show T’s…with a few Bette Midler and Barenaked Ladies shirts thrown in the mix!

oo lucky you. I wish I still had my tshirts from concerts but it was long before I became a quilter. I would suggest quilting them also, but you have to use stabilizer or you will have serious issues. Stabilzer will help keep everything square and in shape. Cotton and jersey dont naturally sew well together, so there are steps for tshirt quilting and articles online for it. It would be something seen more and you could have for a very long time, I think you would enjoy having it in a throw or bed cover.

I think a quilt would be awesome. All of them in one place and something useful that will bring memories every time it gets used!


This was going to be my suggestion too! perfect shopping bags. :thumbsup:

I got a book called “100 ways to transform a t-shirt”… pretty cool, if you’re into the punk-type stuff in the book.

Oh that is cool, too! Either the quilt or this would be really neat!