OLA Terrific Tuesday Shopping Game

Note: This isn’t just for yarn and crafts. They have all sorts of bargains.

If you aren’t busy today, and if you like to shop for bargains online, please join me at OLA for our Terrific Tuesday shopping game. It’s completely free, fun, and you’re under absolutely no obligation to buy anything (especially not from me).

OLA is heavy on sellers and light on buyers. I’m trying to help turn things around for them, one shopper at a time. If you like it there, please bring your friends next Tuesday.

Here’s where you sign up. It only takes a few minutes and you can skip the part about getting verified.

After you’ve signed up, this is where you’ll find the game:


I’ll be in and out. Just post a hello in this thread, even if you don’t see anything you like. I’m trying to get a fire started over there. I want the others to see it can be done.

If you miss this game this week, please mark your calendar for next Tuesday and bring everyone you know.



PS – If anything puts you off over there, please let me know. We really want to make this a fun place to shop.