Okay...who did it? NEW EMOTICONS!

You know I can’t handle this kinda change! it confuses my world and makes me think i clicked on a wrong button! :verysad:

so i was really confused until i went to reply. now i get it!!! :rofl:

they’re all still there, just in a different order!

It freaked me out, too! Then I started getting “parsing” errors that wouldn’t let me connect to the site at all… :neutral:

yeah i got those too…and i know they are there…that doesn’t mean i know where to find them!..lol

you people are going to force me to remember the code…hmph!

Woops! Don’t sweat it, the emoticons will be reorganized soon. AND we’ll have MORE of them, thanks to KellyK who will be adding and organizing them, and Jan who has shared her favorites with us. Sheldon just added some software to make the new additions easier to add, and that’s what’s scrambled them for the moment!

Also, don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but Sheldon’s working on implementing a spell checker (Hildie’s great suggestion). The link is there, at the moment it’s not yet working, but hopefully will be sometime today.

If things act funky today, it’s because we’re making these two updates. :smiley:

ooooooOOOOOoooooOOOOOo that’s what that is. OK I get it now. :angelgrin: :figureditout: :help: Have these always been there or am I just blind?

Yeah, always there, but you had to click on View More Emoticons to see the ones that are currently in the favorites area. Currently the :eyebrow: is the first one, and the :rofl: is the last one. Who knows what they’ll look like soon, after KK gets rolling with them! :lol:

i saw a funky error at the top that said something about spell checker…didn’t notice the link though. i was puzzled when i saw it since i hadn’t used my google spell checker but i just shrugged it off…lol.

i am only funnin’ about the emoticons. i can’t wait to see more and you KNOW Rebecca is going to take full advantage of them… :rofling: i was just sitting there staring at the favorites trying to figure out why i couldn’t see the one i was looking for…i swear it seemed like 10 minutes (though prolly 10 seconds…lol)

love updates!! :happydancing:

WOO HOOOOOOOOO!!! We’ve got new emoticons!!

:muah: :teehee: :hug: :shrug: :grrr: :pout: :!!!: :thud: :clink: :note: :blooby: :waah: :chair: :flirt: :whistle: :biting: :psst: :sleepy: :passedout: :yay: :winky: :hot: :sun: :tap: :star: :woot: :aww: :grphug: :yadda: :whoosh: :nails: :hair: :noway: :eyes: :ick: :clap: :hmm: :zombie: :out: :violin: :gah: :achoo: :poke: :woohoo:


that one is too cute. I’d love a spell check, I know there must be errors in my writing :oops:

:whistle: lol this is one of my favorites. My friends know i have been badly behaved when they see that one and want to know what i have done after they see it.

fair warning! :woot:

So Can I post with all of these??

Sorry this will be graphic heavy…
:cheering: :muah: :teehee: :heart: :?? :hug: :shrug: :oops: :roflhard: :grrr: :pout: :doh: :-x :!!!: :wall: :rofling: :roll: :help: :blush: x-( :happydancing: :thumbsup: xxx :mrgreen: :slight_smile: :frog: :twisted: :eyebrow: :notworthy: :?eyebrow: :? :verysad: :figureditout: :oo: :drool: :smilingdevil: :rofl: :waving: :hiding: :x: :present: :sunny: :guyknitting: :study: :wink: :zzz: :o :frowning: :!: :neutral: :crying: :shock: :shifty: :pray: :inlove: :lol: :fingerwag: :— :smiley: :balloons: :angelgrin: :thinking: 8) :?: :idea: :arrow: :thud: :note: :blooby: :chair: :biting: :psst: :yay: :winky: :hot: :sun: :star: :woot: :aww: :ick: :eyes: :noway: :hair: :nails: :whoosh: :yadda: :grphug: :clap: :hmm: :zombie: :out: :violin: :gah: :achoo: :poke: :passedout: :sleepy: :whistle: :flirt: :waah: :clink: :tap: And Finally, :woohoo:

lol that looks like one of Rebecca’s posts! :muah:

:roflhard: That is what I was thinking Bren

Love ya Rebecca :muah:

:teehee: I love it. :notworthy: :notworthy:

sorry, I couldn’t resist all of the emoticons!!

I will try to reign myself in and not use all of them at once. maybe we need a limit for some of us emoticon happy users. :slight_smile:

These are great!!! Thanks!!

DON’T YA’LL KNOW I’M IN EMOTICON HEAVEN?! :muah: love ya back :teehee: :hug:

:passedout: When I saw all of the emoticons!!!

Ya’ll know I talk with my hands and am quite animated and these just make me :woot:

THANKS, KK :hug: